S.F. Signs of the Apocalypse

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Photo | taken by Joe Eskenazi at Walgreens, First and Mission, San Francisco

Good Lord! No wonder it's so expensive to raise a kid these days. We're assuming these aren't cheap Chinese-made incontinence toys with lead-based paint.

The ability to rapidly document gems like this sign is the one of the true upsides of the digital photography revolution (having people wrench the camera out of your hands to review a photo and demand a retake is the downside).

We'll bet the city is teeming with unintentionally hilarious malapropisms of this sort — though incontinence is like the Magic Johnson of unintentional hilarity. It just makes everything around it better.

So, if you see a jaw-dropping sign in San Francisco or thereabouts, whip out your ubiquitous digital photography device, record it for posterity, and send it to me.

Be sure to let us know where you took the snapshot and any relevant (or funny) background information. Remember, only you can make S.F. Signs of the Apocalypse a recurring S.F. Weekly feature.

— Joe Eskenazi

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