RaidersSuckNinersSuck -- Week 4

Every Monday this football season the SF Weekly news blog 'The Snitch' features "RaidersSuckNinersSuck", because let's face it, they do. Let us continue with a bizarre Week 4. -By GPC

Raiders vs Miami Dolphins
Holy Daunte pissed offedness! That man was on a mission. Now admittedly, that mission was pretty much revenge against the team that cut his old decrepit self, but who cares. At least the Raiders showed some semblance of a spark. Now, let's not start giving out lollipops and friendly pats on the butt. This team is still bottom five in the league. Miami has a negligible run defense and the Raiders secondary is still utter garbage. Look for teams with an actual passing offense to wreck us. There were two passing touchdowns and Daunte ran in three more. That is some real offense. I don’t think they can keep it up, but it was nice to see a little spark for the boys in black.

Raiders Suckages
1.Defensive Secondary
2.Run defense
3.Quarterback question. – When are we going to see Jamarcus Jamilions?

Niners vs. Seattle Seahawks
Worst quarterbacks ever! Remember the days when all people could talk about was whether it was better to have Joe Montana or Steve Young? Oh, that was a time. Now, the current debate is Trent Dilfer or the third string guy. Wow, we suck. This is the kind of suckitude that can really get in your craw and make you ready to go back to watching golf. The offensive line just crumbled under Blitz after Blitz from Seattle. Remember when we traded Julian Peterson? Well, that certainly came back to bite us in the ass. Four sacks later and now we are back exactly where we expected to be. On the offensive line tip - Justin Smiley, get off the field. You are bad! As in Not Good! I think this offensive line is just about the worst ever. One good note, Defense is solid. Secondary and line backing look real athletic. Bryant Young is still holding down the D line. Wow, that guy is a work horse.

Niners Suckages
1. Offensive Line: Get Guy Smiley back where he belongs on Sesame Street
2. Offensive Line: Way to block anyone?
3. QB: 2 words – Trent Dilfer WTF

Overall Super Suckers: Niners. I can’t remember when we looked much worse than this. Can we get Jeff Garcia back?

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