Please, God, Say It's Possible: Sean Penn-Funded Matt Gonzalez Run Against Newsom

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Yes, everyone is desperate for at least one viable candidate to run against young Monty Burns, Mayor Gavin Newsom, next month (sorry Chicken John). And it appears to be desperation giving rise to an unsubstantiated rumor that actor-director Sean Penn has offered his friend and former Green Party mayoral candidate Matt Gonzalez $5 million to run against Newsom. As the story goes, Gonzalez thinks it may be a joke and in any case has refused to turn tail on the Green Party.

But a few political realities weaken the deliciously subversive rumor. Contrary to Wonkette's initial report, Gonzalez was not deputy mayor under Willie Brown. Also, the deadline for candidates to file has passed already, making a write-in campaign the only possible option. Possible -- please, God, say it's possible -- however, not very likely.

-- Brian Bernbaum

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