"NEWS ALERT! San Francisco Has Banished Halloween!!!"

Halloweensgayparty-thumb.jpgThis just in from listings editor John Graham.-ed

"NEWS ALERT! San Francisco Has Banished Halloween!!!" -- At least that's how a flyer advertising a gay event in October phrases it. I personally think "banished" is a little strong — it makes it sound like the scene in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome where Mel Gibson is exiled from Bartertown and all the radioactive desert freaks start chanting, "Gulag...gulag...gulag...."

On the other hand, Mayor Gruesome has yet to offer a replacement event for the scotched Castro celebration, so it looks like the pathetic new-school NIMBYs of the city (go back to Marin, you spoiled shits!) might well have eliminated at least the single largest Halloween event in San Francisco.

In any case, the flyer is here if you wanna see it:


A gay porno party doesn't do anything for me, but I s'pose it might work if you fit in the demographic of East Bay Latin queers who don't have anything better to do on the last Wednesday in October.

Have you heard of anything cool happening on the 31st?

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