MySpace Presidential Candidates Need to Monitor Comments

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In an attempt to prove, once and for all, that the presidential candidates (or their staffs) don't practice regular MySpace profile maintenance, fellow weekly brethren Westword embarked on an experiment in comment inappropriateness.

The conclusion? Apparently the candidates don't pay too much attention to their comments. Don't act so shocked. The following are actual comments originally posted to Hillary Clinton's official MySpace profile:

"So, like, when's Chelsea coming out to show a little support? I haven't seen her in forever. Is she seeing anyone these days? Would she like to be seeing someone? Say, a swarthy, liberal intellectual in the fine burg of Denver, Colorado? Tell her I have soft hands."
"Hi, Hillary ... I know you are running a campaign and everything, but I have to say, the bulletins are getting to be a bit much. Every day it's a bulletin about this with Hillary, a bulletin about that with Hillary, check out Hillary on this debate, look at the size of the swordfish Hillary caught. Enough ... So anyway, don't mean to be rude, just think you might not be up on your MySpace etiquette, and I don't want you to annoy potential voters. Hugs, Rod."

-- Brian Bernbaum

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