Junkie Shooting Gallery Idea Gains Momentum In SF

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Get your needles ready! On Thursday a symposium co-hosted by the city Department of Public Health will explore the idea of opening the nation's first safe, legal drug injection center in San Francisco, where junkies can shoot up without fear of being arrested (as if the SFPD arrests them anyway).

Despite the inevitable backlash sure to come from conservatives and pussyfooting politicians, the goal of establishing a shooting gallery is not to provide an all night party room for addicts, but rather to keep dirty needles off the streets, decrease overdoses and cut the spread of HIV and hepatitis C.

If you live in the Tenderloin, for instance, you're probably intimately familiar with the alternative -- junkies shooting up nearly any place they can.

Fun fact from the Chronicle: A 2003 survey found that more than one third of San Francisco's fatal overdoses occurred inside 100 yards of the intersection of Turk Street and Golden Gate Avenue. Ahem. Since Turk and Golden Gate actually run parallel (thanks no one in particular!), we can only assume C.W. Nevius is talking about Turk and Hyde.

beavis pic by Tom Stone via newamericamedia.org

-- Brian Bernbaum

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