Tramp Stamps, Sex Pistols and Rummy: SFTopNews Tuesday, September 18

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Here's the headlines you need to know. -d2

-- Number of Women Age 18 to 50 with Santa Cruz License Plates: 5 percent

-- Fuck the Sex Pistols Reunion, and Van Halen, and Led Zeppelin

-- Sony Stops Making the Cell -- Maybe

-- Sharks A Step Closer to Doing Our Bidding

-- #1 GLBT-Friendly Bay Company: Chevron, San Ramon

-- Killing in SF, Blame Oakland

-- Peaceniks Need to Calm Down

-- Rummy Comes to Stanford, Stanford Not Pleased

-- Pre-Conscious Morality? More like, Borality.

-- Buy a Mac now, before Microsoft Wins

-- SF Finds Health Care for All

-- Stock Up on Glowsticks and Molly, Lovefest is back

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