The Pimps of Cobain Country: It's VVM ChainSmoking 09.20.07

Every day at noon, the SF news blog 'The Snitch' tours its peers in the Village Voice Media chain to find cool stories. This week on ChainSmoking, Cobain Country -- Seattle Weekly -d2

--When your boss is a pimp:

Christopher Hutton, 34, an accused pimp and kidnapper, pleaded not guilty in King County Superior Court yesterday. Police say he and buddy Michael Veidt, 24 - who also pleaded NG to raping one of the teens - forced at least four girls and young women into a prostitution ring that operated from Seattle to the SeaTac Strip. Family members of both men were also involved in the sex trade, cops say.

--Courtney Love Settles the Last of Her Nirvana Money Disputes:

Attorneys helped Cobain's widow win as much as
$9 million.

-- Bum-Rush the Show:

Yo Majesty rule at Chop Suey while Ballard braces for REVERBfest, with slideshow.

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