RaidersSuckNinersSuck: Week 3

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Every Monday Tuesday, this football season the SF Weekly news blog 'The Snitch' features "RaidersSuckNinersSuck", because let's face it, they do. Let us continue with Week 3. -ed
Raiders vs. Cleveland Browns
OK, so the boys in black managed to beat the worst team in football. So maybe they aren’t actually last, but rather second to last place. Did you see how many points the Browns scored? I mean for Krishnu’s sake, I couldn’t watch. Well, literally I couldn’t watch because the damn game is blacked out. So let’s add that to a new list of Raiders suckages – Fans can’t watch game on TV.
Raiders Suckages
1.Contract negotiations (Black out BS)
2.QB. Did Daunte Culpepper just go on the field for us? Santa Vaca, we are in trouble.

Niners vs. Rams
Oh the wretched Niners. As hard and as painful it is for me to say we are actually getting better. Alex Smith made a couple of throws and actually didn’t suck as bad as he might have. We are still missing the run game. Last year, Gore was the third leading rusher this year … nothing. Some spectators might ask “Hmm, I wonder what happened?” The answer is one thing -- O-Line. The offensive line can't give Mr. “I Can't Walk And Chew Gum” Smith enough time to make a decision, and they can’t push other teams out of the way for Gore. It’s going to be tough until we can get some big big boys up front.

Niners Suckages
1. Run defense: Pittburg was too strong!
2. Offensive Line: Garbage. QB: “Watch me run and then I … Oh shit now they have the ball.”

And Week 3 'Suck Trophy' goes to:
Niners – at least the Raiders won

RaidersSuckNinersSuck Overall 2007 Season Score:
Raiders: 2
Niners: 1

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