Herpes, Cruising and Papis: It's VVM ChainSmoking

Every day at noon, the SF Weekly.com news blog 'The Snitch' tours its peers in the Village Voice Media chain to find cool stories. This week on ChainSmoking, the incredible smutty Village Voice, of New York. Is anybody there not getting laid three times a day? -d2


-- Danger on the Set: An enormous rash on porn star Belladonna's ass may've forced her into early retirement.

-- A case against the New Yorker Festival: It's time to embrace outsiders and runners-up and writers that we almost heard of, but didn't.

-- Savage Love: Why Do Mexican Women Yell for their Papi During Sex?

-- The dubious highs and extreme lows of Fashion Week

-- Speaking of Fashion: The Back Tattoos of McCarren Pool Park

-- Bathroom Gay Sex Etiquette: Read This In Loo of Sex "Thanks a lot, Craig. Not only have you exposed yourself as a hypocrite, but you ruined a great cruising spot."

-- Click Me: One-Handed Typing Gets Put to the Test, She says she orgasmed during cybersex, but how do I know for sure?

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