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Evidently Snitch Matt Novak is obsessed with a no-hope libertarian from Texas running for president, as well as the conspiracy kooks who worship him. At least pro-lifer Ron Paul voted against going into Iraq, unlike Hillary and Barack. -d2

Happy B-Day Ron Paul!
By Matt Novak

Happy belated Birthday to Ron Paul (R, TX), who turned 72 yesterday.

Next week is the ...

BBQ bash in Texas, and if you haven’t RSVP’d already, you might want to think about a road trip. Not only is the Lone Star state home to some of the bitchin'est char meat put to the fire since the King tipped off his toilet but it spawned Mr. Paul, the plainspoken libertarian who elbowed his way to the front of the crowd running for the Republican ticket with his common sense populism, wiry determination, and it seems, geeky gestalt.

Google’s gone gaga over Dr. Paul, playing host to an R.P. PR gala last month at their home base in Mountain View.

The hooting and hollering doesn't sound like it came from a can as Paul announces
"Welcome to the Freedom Revolution!" to the supportive rabble, and fielded questions from preening Paulists and “hippies”, blaming Woodrow Wilson for a failed foreign policy, and criticizing National IDs, pre-emptive wars, the IRS, UN dues, and Roe v. Wade.

"Maybe if we'd had a few guns on certain airplanes...9/11 wouldn't have occurred," he wonders aloud.

Paul supporters are unrelenting in their promotion of the septuagenarian Congressman, swearing that Dr. Paul won the GOP’s recent Straw Poll even though John Stewart told you it was Mitt.

Several videos of Paul’s CA appearances are posted by “brainphreak”, an admiring videographer who comes off as a dabbling dub musician on his site. But with just a little noodling, you’ll discover brainphreak’s hidden agenda: The Black Packet, an info clearinghouse for all sorts of whackos. There, you’ll find hyperlinks to People for 911 Justice, who prominently post regular video “updates” on such topics as UFOs and advocate wearing tin-foil hats.

The Black Packet also encompasses the Freedom Force, an ad hoc crew of John Birch-style radicals who advise you to “reach for power,” “be city hall,” and recognize, fool, the power of their Latin motto “Liberty warriors, not impotent pussies.”

The “Brotherhood” is HQ’d in (surprise) SoCal and was founded in 2002 by NWO antagonist G. Edward Griffin, also the primary author of the group’s manifesto “The Future is Calling” (first title: The Grand Deception”) which reads like a collection of essays on international cabals, Masonic conspiracies for total war, Leninist nuclear plots, and myopic libertarian utopias.

Griffin can be seen in this video pitching his tent at the Paulist Google gala. Stick around for the second half palate cleanser, a cartoon montage.

There’s something happening here, but what it is ain’t exactly clear.

Next installment: Novak hits up members of the San Francisco Ron Paul meetup group founded in May 2007.

I’ll also be interviewing this guy:

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