Of Gashes, Gouges and Goo: The Endeavor

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Seems resident Snitch Matt Novak is hung on the space shuttle's problem with linguistics. We think he just likes using the word 'gash.' -d2

Of Gashes, Gouges and Goo: The Endeavor
By Matt Novak

The media is having a field day with the "three-inch gash" discovered in what some have termed our nation's inter-stellar penis, the Space Shuttle. This time, it's the Endeavor orbiting some 300 miles off the ground and falling apart. The more gentrified publications have referred to the foam missing from the shuttle's heat shield as a "gouge."

It's a bit uncanny that schoolteacher Barbara Morgan, ill-fated Christa McAuliffe's understudy, should finally step out from the shadow on such an auspicious occasion, on the very shuttle built to replace the Challenger. Almost as deep as Bonds going back to Atlanta.

No joking, lives are in danger. NASA's Space Shuttle program is years over its planned lifespan. Get that junk out of the sky!

But I am transfixed by the graphic social phenonmenon of linguistics, and it should be pointed out that a rash of ....

"gash"es early on has surrendered to the apparently now officially more vanilla "gouge".

No doubt that hearts and minds are won over by this tale of a fateful trip, that started from this tropic port (Cape Canaveral) aboard this tiny ship.

Amy Hollyfield, reporting for KGO, obliged our curiousities:

"the final decision will come after a long, thorough meeting, full of data," which will probably result in that they're "literally gonna use some 'goo' to patch it all together."

NASA officials are "obviously hoping for a unanimous vote." Any dissenting voters will be asked to "'sleep on it'."

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