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Yusuf Bey
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After discovering the teachings of Elijah Muhammed in the 1960s, he adopted the name Yusuf Bey and moved to California, where he opened a bakery which became Your Black Muslim Bakery, the center of a Black nationalist community that Bey intended to become a business corridor and model of African American economic self-sufficiency.

Blood & Money: Endgame
Even in his death, Yusuf Bey is lionized as an elder statesman rather than branded as a thug. Meanwhile, his victims reflect.
By Chris Thompson
Published: October 8, 2003

For years, casual observers regarded Bey as a remarkable father figure, employing young black men, rehabilitating ex-cons, and building a string of businesses throughout the East Bay. While this may be true, he also raped and humiliated numerous young girls.

The Sinister Side of Yusuf Bey's Empire
The troublesome history of Oakland's most prominent Black Muslims -- and the political establishment that protects them.
By Chris Thompson
Published: November 13, 2002

On April 11, 1982, Berkeley cops found the body of a 31-year-old man named Ronald Allen lying on Frontage Road, at the entrance to the West Berkeley landfill. In life, Allen was a delivery driver for Bey's Your Black Muslim Bakery outlet on East 14th Street, but someone ended all that with a shotgun. Allen had been shot multiple times at point-blank range; his torso was virtually infested with buckshot. ... former bakery employees ... prime suspects in Allen's murder. "We know that he was murdered on Frontage Road," he says. "We also know now that it was committed by somebody associated with the Black Muslim bakery. We're going to be making some visits very soon to these folks."

How Official Oakland Kept the Bey Empire Going

By Chris Thompson
Published: November 20, 2002

Now that Yusuf Bey has been arrested for a remarkable 27 felony counts of rape and committing a lewd act with a minor, this landscape of influence is finally crumbling around him and his associates. But how is it that all these allegations, which are documented in a decade-long string of police reports and court records, failed to trouble the city's leaders? Indeed, why have the Beys enjoyed the patronage of such powerful friends?

Black Muslim bakery raided
7 arrested in connection with slaying of Oakland Post editor
Matthai Chakko Kuruvila, Christopher Heredia, Jaxon Van Derbeken and Henry K. Lee, Chronicle Staff Writers
Friday, August 3, 2007

The son of late Black Muslim leader Yusuf Bey was among seven people arrested today during a series of predawn law-enforcement raids in connection with three Oakland homicides, including the daylight shooting death of Oakland Post editor Chauncey Bailey... An Oakland man told The Chronicle today that he saw a shotgun-wielding, masked man approach an AC Transit bus on the east side of Lake Merritt about 10 minutes before Bailey was gunned down Thursday. ... Oakland police believe members of the Your Black Muslim Bakery were involved in "cleansing'' the area surrounding its business of undesirables, possibly including two men shot and killed last month. ... In his filing, Bey also wrote that he met with Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums and U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland), both of whom promised to support him in maintaining the bakery. Dellums "has even pointed out his official support of me continuing in my father's successful pattern of running the business," Bey wrote. Dellums' office said the mayor had no comment. Lee spokesman Nathan Britton said Friday: "Congresswoman Barbara Lee is on record supporting the bakery as a community institution."

The question is: The Black Muslim Bakery must've KNEW KNOWN the police would come down hard on them if they tried anything like murdering Chauncey. And who keeps the murder weapon at home? This looks too simple.

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