Journalist Murder News: Black Muslims Hated, Hunted Chris Thompson

chauncey.jpgThe Snitch has been linking to telling articles from East Bay Express-turned Village Voice writer Chris Thompson. Now Chris speaks about conversations with Chauncey. Via the Village Voice:

A few years earlier, members of the sect threatened to kill him for running stories they didn't like. I know, because he told me so in 2002. I interviewed Bailey while conducting my own investigation into the Bey family's history of alleged violence and fraud for the East Bay Express.

Chris says he had to hide out in rural parts of the State and file his columns from hiding for weeks. As one Snitch reader said, "Crazy, crazy, scary. Fuck Baghdad. Cokeland is insane." In other Cokeland news, Guv. Arnold deploys CHP to Oakland streets. Seems crime is back to 1993-levels. Somewhere, Dr. Dre sees an opening. -d2

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