Inner Richmond vs. Starbucks

Delicious macchiato or death-hound of the abyss? My guess is the residents of the Inner Richmond gathering at the Planning Commission in about an hour believe the latter about the ubiquitous Starbucks chain. They have a petition, a web site, and now a hearing. Emails wars to the Supervisors have erupted. Maybe everyone just needs to sit down with Starbucks partners the Grateful Dead, Paul McCartney and Sonic Youth, and hash this all out? Read on for the Stop Richmond Starbucks P.R. –d2

Sent: Sunday, August 05, 2007 4:13 PM
Subject: Bryan Mckeon with the Starbucks petition

if you got an e-mail from me before about Starbucks, well here is another
one. Many thanks to ALL who signed the petition trying to stop Starbucks
from moving into the Inner Richmond.

The Board of Supervisors for San Francisco has agreed to hear our appeal to
the Planning Commisions decision to allow a Starbucks into the neighborhood.
It was not hard to convince them that their was significant neighborhood
opposition when Jesse Fink (the owner of Toyboat Desert Shop) walked into
City Hall on July 9th with over 1,000 signatures in protest. We filed our
Appeal on the 11th and

AUGUST 7th at 4:30 PM there will be a hearing to decide whether or not to
overrule the Planning Commission's decision. The Board of Supervisors will
decide whether or not another Starbucks move into the Richmond.

If you have not signed the petition please do, it is at the following places
Toy Boat (5th and Clement)
JavaHolics (6th and Balboa)
Q restaurant (on Clement between 3rd and 4th)
Blue Danube Cafe (on Clement near 4th)
Green Apple Bookstore (the main store that is on Clement between 6th and
Cafe Velo Rouge (on Arguello at Mcallister)
Cafe du Sol on (Lake near 6th)
Cafe Muse (on 8th near Fulton)

If you would really like to help call your supervisor and let them know what
you think, here are there numbers etc,

District 1 supervisor Jake McGoldrick 554-7410

District 6 Supervisor Chris Daly 554-7970
District 2 supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier 554-7752
District 7 Supervisor Sean Elsbernd 554-6516
District 3 Supervisor and Board President 554-7450
District 8 Supervisor Bevan Dufty 5546968
District 4 supervisor Ed Jew 554-7460
District 9 Supervisor Tom Ammiano 554-5144
District 5 Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi 554-7630
District 10 Supervisor Sophie Maxwell 554-7670
District 11 Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval 554-554-6975

If you really want to be heard show up at the meeting!! Anyone who shows up
can speak for 3 minutes either pro or for.

And lastly, the reason I am really writing this e-mail, word has it that
Starbucks (upon being alerted to the appeal filing) has prompted a landslide
of e-mails to the supervisors. Word also has it that this matters greatly to
the supervisors and so far there has been no e-mail responses opposed to the
new Starbucks to any supervisor. So, since you are reading this at your
computer and since you have read this far, maybe you could write a quick
e-mail to your supervisor? Bevan Dufty, Sophie Maxwell and Gerardo Sandoval
have been identified as probably swing votes. These supervisors need to hear
your voice.

Also, please take a quick look at the blogsite devoted to this cause.

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