Search the night sky with Google

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By Matt Novak

Google launched its latest Google Earth update to the usual fanfare. The first Web apps franchise to launch a usable, photographic map of the planet, Googlies are now the first in space with this map of the night sky.

Plenty of astronomers, amateur and professional, have stories about sighting a UFO. Googlephiles were quick to spot mysterious crop circles, and not much later the flying discs that supposedly made them.

Perhaps that's not surprising. It has been suggested that that the Googlites may hail from an alien planet.

As you might expect, there are some unexplained objects in Google's night sky, as well. If you've got the program (if not, get it here), check these coordinates:
DEC 12 degrees, RA 5h30m
DEC 16 degrees, RA 6h46m

For the rest of you: Any idea what these are?

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