Clinton, Cows, and Mexifornia: Bay Area News Headlines 8-17-07

Fuck this week. How brutal could it have gotten? Seriously, this week felt three weeks long, partially becuase so many people are on vacation, rubbing the rest of our noses in it. Here's the news you NEED to know. -d2

-Clinton's KILLING Obama on CA.

-The Chron puts TWO reporters on the Worthless Crime Cameras story. Verdict: still worthless.

-Local rape in the '80s finally catches up with the dude.

-Shut down Halloween in SF, my ass.

-Skype sucks. That what rich people get for trying to save money on phone service.

-San Jose Sharks' ticket-fixing judge is put in the penalty box.

One of the Guv's men got canned for ...

'hate speech' on his web page. You decide.

UC Berkeley downloaders get a 'time out' for piracy. Stop the downloadin'!

Chauncey's killer may not have been his killer at all. These criminals are suck fuck-ups.

High School Musical II is upon us.

Gangbangers are drive-by shooting at cows. Yee gods.

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