Butt Plugs, Butt Rape, and Bronstein as Butt of Hearst Joke: SF Weekly 8.15 -- Digested!

Let's start with the nasty stuff. The butt stuff. Savage Love by Dan Savage answers a female who's boyfriend likes stuff up his butt—really likes it.

Some Letters to the Editor take issue with last week's story about a dude who was stranger-butt-raped versus, acquaintance-butt-raped like the new Castro PSAs warn. Fair enough, readers.

¡Ask a Mexican! solves the enduring of why the fuck Mexicans have to put their last name on the back of their cars, belt buckles, etc.

Meanwhile, the SF Weekly continues its lawyer story fetish with one about ...

getting convicted murderers out of jail. Tough sell! Problem is, the buyers rely on their gut, or as we like to call it, our "Stomach Brain."

Snitch Benjamin Wachs takes some jabs at the Chron Boss Bronstein's comparisons to Hearst -- which involve Hitler, South East Asian war, yellow journalism, and sensationalist headlines. Ha, ha.

Matt Smith discusses New College in relation to "Founder's Syndrome" -- a dubious term made up by a shrink to sell books. We at The Snitch think the syndrome applies to ALL leaders and the answer is -- "rules, procedures, then delegate, delegate, delegate." (Speaking of which, I need interns to do these digests once a week. We pay in CDs, concert tickets, and Beastie Boys interviews. Any takers?)

Lastly, SFWeekly does a tiny joke bit about the The Perfect Candidate, spelling out what kind of politician could beat Mayor Gavin Newsom. You forgot the spray-on tan/teflon coating, and coke-nose guys. -d2

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