756: Thank Christ --The Barry Bonds Lovefest

Thank god, the Bonds thing is over. The ball went to some asshole from Queens. Let the endless rehashing begin. We're going to Mexico. We leave you with words from eye-witness Snitch Zach W. (Photo from IHT)

Where were you sitting?
We were sitting along the first baseline, 27 rows back.

What happened?
Barrry had been swinging well all night, already a double and single earlier in the game. I was with my dad and we both thought this was going to be the night the way he had looked at bat. In the bottom of the fifth, in a 4 - 4 game, he came up with one out. Fouling off a couple of pitches he worked the count to three and two and with one swift swing crushed the ball to right center. It was over in a second and it was majestic, a powerful shot deep into the farthest part of the park. What followed immediately was te minutes of fireworks and streamers as the players of both teams left the field for the ensuing celebration.

The weird Barry Bonds lovefest had begun. The crowd got down on its knees right in front of Barry and as he stood with both arms raised above his head a single tear came from his eye. This bizarre scenario took the form of Willie Mays in Buddy Holly glasses clutching his right arm, a strained two-minute video speech by Hank Aaron, Barry's family and teammates paraded out onto the field to shower Barry with love, and Barry breaking down as he thanked his dead father.

When this was over, my father and I packed up our gear and left. We're season ticket holders, we watched this shit team all season, ceaselessly as he neared the record, we had seen what we came for, and it wasn't to stick around and see if the 125 million dollar Barry (hint: that's the white one) would blow his third lead of the game.

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