SF Weekly: Day Around the Beard with Chris Daly


"... This man needs to be installed atop the City’s Weird Beard Committee ..."
By Joe Esekenazi

Some people know how to work a room. Supervisor Chris Daly sure knows how to walk out of one.

Daly’s recent bombast at the Supes’ budget meeting did not go unnoticed — nor did his aggressively purple tie and facial hair that could potentially be described as a “suicide beard.”

Bad beards, in fact, are a Daly specialty. Don’t believe me? See here, here and here.
Supervisor Aaron Peskin (he of the respectable, Ulysses S. Grant-like beard) recently dumped Daly from his position as chair of the City’s Budget Committee. Now he’s doing time on the Government Audit and Oversight Committee, but that’s clearly just purgatory for a man with Daly’s special talents. This man needs to be installed atop the City’s Weird Beard Committee — today.

In the race to lead the WBC, Daly beats out some stiff competition by a whisker. Both fellow Supes Bevan Dufty or Ross Mirkarimi would have provided inspired leadership. One only hopes they can accept the setback with grace and grow into their roles.

A number of the WBC’s natural constituents would be ideal to help fill out the committee. These gentlemen may finally have found the entrée into politics they were looking for.

Lighting a menorah on Union Square the size of a Tyrannosaurus every Chanukah is a lot of work, but we’re sure Rabbi Yosef Langer could lend his Talmudic knowledge to the government for a few WBC meetings a week.

Finally, barring a trade to a contender, San Francisco Giants hurler Matt Morris is eminently qualified to pitch in.

Daly has never been known as a great coalition-builder, but with a dream team like this, who knows? Let’s just hope he doesn’t storm out of the room when he finds out he’s not eligible for a Beard Award — those honor the culinary industry.

We hope Daly flourishes in this new position. His continued anti-social and self-destructive behavior got him tossed from the Budget Committee. But the only thing that can nix him from the WBC is a razor. Think about it Chris. Think about it.

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