SFWeekly's Noon (or so) Unusual News Roundup -- Sex, AIDS, Gunfire, and Why Barry Bonds Matters

Why Barry Bonds Still Matters -- And Why Performance-Enhancing Drugs Shouldn't (PopPolitics)
"It is fascinating that in a country where there are drugs for all ailments, real and imagined, and the sale of these drugs is in the billions of dollars, there should be such an outcry about athletes who seek a boost from the pharmaceutical industry."

Deadly Error Alert: Andrew Sullivan's Latest AIDS Fantasy (Huffington Post)
"How can this be? After all, if HIV-positives restrict themselves only to sex with other positives, and negatives to other negatives, the chain of transmission should be broken and new infections should go down, right? Well, not necessarily..."

Huge increases in prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases prompts $1.3 million ad campaign (California Catholic Daily)
"Since 2002, the county has had a 'Stop the Sores' campaign, featuring a red syphilis cartoon sore named Phil. The campaign ads portrayed Phil in the company of homosexuals, facilitating multiple liaisons to spread the disease. Critics have said the campaign has been less effective than a similar San Francisco campaign that features a cartoon penis. This campaign is now going to Santa Clara County, said the June Bay Area Reporter, and will be replaced in San Francisco with the 'Buck Syphilis' campaign, which, it seems, has no cartoon character to promote it. "

Life at the intensive care nursery: Making a living amidst parents' worst nightmares (San Francisco Chronicle)
"And then McGovern got word. A UCSF transport team had phoned in to report that a baby in Petaluma was on its way. It had been born that morning in a local hospital and something had gone wrong. Suddenly, McGovern was off, moving swiftly and wordlessly into the room where the child would be treated. Other nurses moved swiftly, too. I was left to reconcile the current situation with all I'd seen in the hours before. McGovern turned to me for just a second. This is how it is, she said. Everything changes in an instant."

Dirty tricks of the sex.com scam (Sydney Morning Herald)
"He had blithely entered the foggy world of Stephen Michael Cohen, where nothing is certain except that Stephen Michael Cohen will come out of it better off."

Gunfire, stabbing leave 10 dead in weekend violence (San Francisco Chronicle)
"California Justice Department figures show homicides have increased slightly in the state during recent summers. In 2005, 689 homicides were reported from June through August, compared with 580 in the spring, 629 in the fall and 605 in the winter."

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