Boxing Bootcamp Day 19 -- Andy Warhol's Got It Coming

For the 6 people who diligently or half-assedly read about my ridiculous daily boxing exploits, I'll inform you that I'm taking a brief hiatus today and tomorrow to visit my formative home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (where Andy Warhol was born and escaped as soon as he could, kinda like I did). Looking forward to seeing some old friends and congratulating a very dear friend on finding a smart, beautiful woman and somehow convincing her to marry him.

Back to boxing Monday.

Till then, be well.



Boxing Bootcamp is a bit of fun orchestrated by 3rd Street Gym, SF Weekly's Matt Stroud, and Rob Quintiliani from the SF Bay Guardian; the fun involves Rob and Matt training for 6 weeks before pummeling each other publicly for everyone's amusement. Questions? Write to Matt Stroud.

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