Gay Around the [Fucking] Bay! Pride, The Homosexual Agenda, Fake Lesbians!

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Counting Down the Gayest Moments in Music (Edge)
"In 2001, Russian ad exec Ivan Shapovalov noticed an untapped musical niche: underage girls who pretend they’re gay and the men who love them!"

The couch of love makes room for all -- with lots of pride (San Francisco Chronicle)
"'He just wasn't being himself,' she says, gazing affectionately at Reyes, who was tending to his knee-high boots. When she met him, she says, he was a musician who knew about 800 Christian songs and about eight secular ones. 'I guess you can say I corrupted him,' Scott says, giggling, 'and now I get to wear the angel wings.'"

Summer of Love celebration is mainstream (AP)
"'You're not going to see drunk, wasted musicians on stage,' said tour co-producer Tim Murphy, noting that men in their 60s make up most of his talent and the audience is teens and 20-somethings who have recently discovered the Summer of Love sound. 'The hope is it's something you could go to with your parents, you could go to with your grandparents.'"

The parade is just so over (Globe and Mail)
"The money saved by letting the increasingly irrelevant parade die a natural death, combined with the door take from donations, could go into all sorts of better causes, such as gay-specific health and social-services initiatives, legal costs for the ongoing battles with Canada Customs over queer publications, or human-rights activism for queers living in less liberated countries, to name just a few."

Battles Rage Over Children's Books With Gay Themes (AfterElton)
"According to a Los Angeles Times article titled 'Gay References Touchy in Children's Literature,' the mere mention of two gay fathers in The Trouble With Babies, a book that celebrates the diversity of an entire San Francisco neighborhood, was enough to discourage many librarians from ordering the book, fearing protests like that of a Pittsburgh-area mother who demanded it be removed from library shelves for its 'homosexual agenda.'"

[Gay Straight Alliances]: Not as innocent as they may seem (California Catholic Daily)
"These creeps need to be summarily charged with the sexual abuse of our children, and, as such, spend a considerable amount of their remaining lives behind bars. They are being allowed to commit moral murder by being given forums in our schools for the recruitmentof future generations of our youth to selfishly make them comfortable with their vices."

Edwards says no awkwardness with wife over split on gay marriage
(New York Blade)

"''s just the Constitution,' Edwards said. "

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