Ed Jew Submits Records On Where He Lives

That's according to a statement issued by the City Attorney Dennis Herrera's office, which you can read in its entirety after the jump. Herrera had demanded that Jew submit tax returns, vehicle registration and utility records by tomorrow to show that the S.F. supervisor actually lives in S.F. Jew has said he has no intention of resigning.

My take: As a legal issue, proving--or disproving--residency is difficult. (Trust me--lots of legal loopholes there.) The politics of it--that's another story. If the allegations are true (or even just appear true), shame will drive Jew out off office before the law does.

This statement was issued by the city attorney's flack Matt Dorsey this afternoon:

"Supervisor Ed Jew this afternoon provided documents and information in response to the City Attorney’s request pertaining to questions that involve the supervisor’s residency. This office is now in the process of reviewing them. As we have previously stated, these records will not necessarily conclude our office’s investigation. The residency of elected officials can be a complex question of law and fact, requiring careful analysis. Further information may be needed to resolve this question. City Attorney Dennis Herrera is committed to conducting an objective, fair and thorough investigation of this issue. Accordingly, he intends to continue to work with Supervisor Jew and his attorney to make sure we have all the necessary information. As indicated in the accompanying letter, the City Attorney recognizes the importance of completing this investigation as soon as possible to address public concerns. Because this process remains ongoing, we will refrain from any further comments until after the City Attorney has concluded his investigation. Similarly, because this is an open investigation, we will not provide copies of documents the supervisor has submitted."

More Ed Jew. More Will Harper. More Snitchin'.

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