Day Around The [fucking] Bay -- Sorry Frownie Face Edition


Dear gentle readers, friends, and SFisters:

It's been repeatedly noted that we made a major mistake, and we wish to apologize on our knees, and accept whatever you think we deserve as punishment (in our mouth or anus or wherever), for not stealing, but failing to notice that "Day Around The Bay" is not a daily SFWeekly feature, but, rather, something that SFist does every day. We're totally sorry. We fucked up and accidentally ripped off their wonderfully clever and unique concept.

That said: please stop sending us polite e-mails gingerly telling us that we've made an error. The amount of niceness -- "hey guys.. day around the bay is an sfist thing," said one reader; "You should be aware that 'Day Around the Bay' is already a daily feature at," said another; "this makes it seems as though you're out of the loop," said another; "you guys are losin' it" said another; and so on -- is a little much for us to handle. We need more feedback like this:

how cute! the sf weekly is now ripping of sfist!

good to know once again you're all so bereft of ideas you have to not only copy format, you have to steal names!

I am so glad newspapers are firing people and losing money, you and the Guardian both suck ass. stop now and at least get a real job, loserz!

Notice the replacement "z" on the end of "losers," subtly implying that the comment-poster suffers from an obvious but manageable form of mental retardation. That's what we need, folks -- we need some added Stupid, some more Dumb, some more Mean. And if you're not up to it, then, well, please just accept our apology in the form of these sensational news articles we've puled from the internet. Enjoy!

When sex toys turn green — for health, that is (MSNBC)
"To hear some environmentalists tell it, using a vibrator that includes phthalates is akin to bathing in DDT."

Campaign To Combat Rise In Gay Rape In SF (CBS5)
"According to Harris, 18 men have reported being raped since January of this year. Most of the crimes were in the Castro, she said."

California study contests belief that saunas facilitate HIV transmission (AIDSmap)
"It has been a long-held assumption that saunas (known in the United States as bathhouses) facilitate high-risk sex amongst gay and bisexual men. Although previous studies have suggested that saunas attract men who visit a variety of public sex environments, a recent study from Australia suggested that there are different kinds of risk attached to particular types of public sex venues, and that men who had sex in the backroom of a bar or club were nine times more likely than men who had sex in saunas to have unprotected anal intercourse (UAI)."

People end their own lives for many reasons, only some of which are well understood—but governments should not simply shrug their shoulders
(The Economist)

"At a more practical level, higher barriers could be put up on San Francisco's Golden Gate bridge, off which some 1,250 people have leapt to their deaths since it opened in 1937; tests in May showed that such barriers are quite feasible. And many places badly need suicide-prevention agencies like the Samaritans, which offer a friendly response to anyone contemplating taking his own life. Mental health gets a low priority in many countries, including places like Japan with high suicide rates."

Comment at will.

--The Snitch

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