Beijing, Tokyo, or... Daly City? -- Little Manila, Rebecca and Terry Solomon

Rebecca and Terry Solomon, the Tiburon socialites who face charges of fleecing some $20 million from Bay Area investors, left the U.S. last year, days before FBI agents raided their home. But while the fugitive couple is thought to be living in China or Japan at the moment, a Snitch tipster swears -- swears! -- she spied them in a somewhat less exotic locale: Daly City.

Our source insists she glimpsed the Solomons earlier this week at the Olympian gas station off Highway 280 near the Junipero Serra exit. The couple in question drove a red Toyota Camry, a rather déclassé set of wheels compared to the $300,000 Mercedes Maybach the Solomons once owned. As the man filled up the car’s gas tank, the woman, wearing sunglasses and “trying to look inconspicuous,” our source says, sat low in the passenger seat.

Could it be that Rebecca Solomon, a native Filipino, and her “lapdog,” as some who knew the couple described Terry, are hiding out in Daly City’s Little Manila? We’re still waiting to hear back from the FBI’s San Francisco office; soon as we do, we’ll give you an update. -- Martin Kuz

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