Driver Hits Pedestrian on Wawona Street

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Google Streetview

To add to the growing number of pedestrian accidents this year, a 20-year-old male pedestrian was struck by vehicle on Wawona and 20th Avenue in the city's Sunset neighborhood this morning.

Officer Albie Esparza says that the "vehicle and pedestrian remained on scene" until SFPD arrived shortly after the accident.

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Shipwreck: San Francisco's Worst Remains Undiscovered -- Along with Millions in Silver

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San Francisco Call
And the captain goes down with the ship
Amazing scenes were witnessed today when it was revealed the elusive wreckage of the City of Chester has been located 216 feet beneath the waves, not far from the Golden Gate Bridge. 

That ship's 1888 sinking killed 16 people; it was the second-worst disaster recorded on the waters of San Francisco Bay. 

The worst disaster, however, vanished without a trace. And, as is the case with so many horrendous incidents later rendered insignificant by the Great Quake of 1906, it has equally vanished from public memory. 

There is, however, a story to tell. It was 1901. It was the extreme tail end of a journey from Hong Kong to San Francisco. 

And it was foggy. 

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City Attorney Dennis Herrera Sues Landlords for Illegal Airbnb Conversions

City Attorney Dennis Herrera
City Attorney Dennis Herrera filed separate lawsuits against two rapacious landlords today, each a perfect allegory of tech despoiling the city.

In both cases, the defendants evicted long-term residents from their property under the Ellis Act, a controversial state law that allows landlords to push out tenants in order to withdraw their property from the rental market. Herrera accuses these property owners of using the law as a ruse; rather than go out of business, they converted the property into commercial rentals for tourists, which they advertised on such platforms as Airbnb,, and

To make matters worse, two of the tenants are disabled.

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Wreckage Found From Deadly 1888 Shipwreck in San Francisco Bay

via Daily Alta California 1888
Here's some more hard-to-believe news from the week: Federal ocean scientists have reportedly located the wreckage of a steamboat that sank in the San Francisco Bay more than 125 years ago -- a tragedy that killed 16 people.

We first read the incredible news on CBS this morning, which says three-dimensional images of the wreckage will be released later today.

The City of Chester, sailed off on Aug. 22, 1888, a day filled with thick fog, and was headed up the coast to Eureka with 90 passengers on board. Around 10 a.m., the ship collided with the Oceanic -- a steamer twice its size -- and sank near where the Golden Gate Bridge is.

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Here's Your Guide to Finding a Place to Rent in San Francisco Without Getting Screwed

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Scot Hampton
Trying to find decent digs in San Francisco is seemingly harder than trying to land a decent-paying job. And since an estimated 32,307 new residents moved to San Francisco between 2010 and 2013 alone, it's safe to say: you have a better chance at finding a long-term relationship via Craigslist than a low-drama living situation.

That's because boomtowns like San Francisco tend to attract the entire spectrum of weird. And those fresh-faced twentysomethings looking for a place near a corporate shuttle stop might be educated, but Stanford University isn't going to teach them a damn thing about how not to get suckered by the next slum lord.

You're especially vulnerable in San Francisco where if you don't take care to learn local laws meant to protect tenants it can exacerbate all the confusion that goes along with the search for a new dwelling and the insecurity if anything goes wrong.

But because we're nice, we're going to help you navigate the rental market right now.

See Also: Confirmed Again: SF Rent Is Too High And Oakland Isn't Much Cheaper

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'80s Advice for Straight Women Meeting Lesbians: "Don't Run!"

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In a nod to how far we've come as a society in the last 26 years, New York Magazine's pop music critic Jody Rosen tweeted this gem from 1988, titled "When You Meet a Lesbian: Hints for the Heterosexual Women," which he found while helping a friend move. The advice comes from a Women's and Gender Studies class, reportedly held at the University of Wisconsin and contains tips such as, "Do not run from the room. This is rude." And "Do not expect her to be as excited about meeting a heterosexual as you may be about meeting a lesbian. She was probably raised with them."

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Hey, Drivers: Watch Out for All Those Cops on Van Ness Today

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You've been warned -- again!
Seeing how "sharing the road" doesn't seem to come naturally to San Franciscans, the cops have decided it's time to scare everyone into being well-behaved on the road.

San Francisco police along with CHP officers will descend upon Van Ness this morning to nab drivers and pedestrians who are not following traffic laws. The heavy enforcement period will start at 6 a.m. sharp and last through the morning commute at 10 a.m. and again between 4 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

The focus will be on Van Ness between Market Street and Geary Boulevard.

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Fire Near Duboce Park Reaches Three-Alarm Level

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Courtesy of Tristan O'Tierney
A residential fire atop a Walter Street home not far from Duboce Park has reached three-alarm status and the roof at 34 Walter appears to have given way.

Fire rigs and personnel are surging into the area; Our calls to the San Francisco Fire Department have not yet been returned. The cause of the blaze, which was reported at about 1:30 this afternoon, is not yet known. 

As of now, the fire has scorched the one home on Walter, has spread to another, and is threatening more still.

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49ers Fans Disgusted by New Seattle Seahawks-Colored BART Seats

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Who would have thought that BART seats could appear more repulsive to riders? Alas, 49ers fans are outraged by the brand new seats that will make for a cleaner, fresher ride in 2017.

Sure, football fans would like new seats, but not if they're outfitted in the team colors of the Seattle Seahawks -- that's a sore spot for San Franciscans. BART unveiled its new fleet last week, showing off, among many things, the new fabric-less seats that will no longer be a hub of all things disgusting.

Everyone seemed pleased (at least with the new seats) until a die-hard 49ers fan spoke up, pointing out that the new neon green and blue color scheme is the also team colors for the Seattle Seahawks. As a result, 49ers fans have drummed a petition, demanding BART switch out the offensive seats.

See Also: Riders With Disabilities Protest New BART Cars

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Supervisor Scott Wiener Wants More 24-Hour Transit Options

The 24-hour party line.
Weekend bridge closures in the last few years gave us a chance to experience BART the way we'd long envisioned it: as a 24-hour party line.

Ideally, all-night BART would essentially become an extension of San Francisco nightlife, we thought. People would take BART to after-parties and booty calls, passengers would fraternize and fall in love through the Transbay Tube.

Sadly, the idea of a 24-hour BART wasn't exactly what he had expected: It suffered from lackluster ridership and shoddy revenue, not to mention those all-nighters left the system with a hangover. Still, the experiment reinvigorated an old debate about transit scheduling, and who it should serve.

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Two Stabbed At North Beach Strip Club

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Another not-so-fun night in North Beach
Two men were injured -- one critically -- in a double stabbing at a club in the North Beach neighborhood early this morning.

Sgt. Danielle Newman says police were called out to the 500 block of Broadway at about 1 a.m. on reports of a stabbing. When police arrived, they found an 18-year-old man and a 24-year-old man both who had been stabbed in the stomach.

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Study: Doctors Still Giving Kids Way Too Much Codeine

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flickr/Dr.John 2005
Less codeine for your kid, means more for you
Despite warnings that children and codeine are a bad mix, doctors continue to prescribe the opioid to youngsters at alarming rates, UC San Francisco researchers have revealed.

Doctors at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital conducted a recent study and found that although doctors have been urged to promote less dangerous medicines to kids, including ibuprofen or hydrocodone, emergency rooms across the United States are still handing over codeine to children like it's candy.

Codeine is an opioid used to treat mild and moderate pain as well as suppress coughs. But because children process the drug so differently, one-third get no relief from it while up to 1 in 12 kids can accumulate toxic amounts, causing breathing to slow, and possibly death, researchers say.

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Teen Who Hitched Ride to Hawaii in Wheel Well Was Actually Trying to Go to Africa

Categories: WTF?

screen-grab via NBC News
Turns out, the 16-year-old Santa Clara boy who survived a 5-hour trip to Hawaii in the wheel well of a plane was trying to make his way to Africa possibly to reunite with his biological mother.

Hawaii News Now reports that the teen ended up on the Hawaii flight because it was the first plane he saw after he scaled the fence at San Jose's Mineta Airport on Sunday.

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Businesses Evacuated Overnight After Explosives Found in Truck Near Crissy Field

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Once again, it wasn't actually a bomb
While you were snoozing in front of the television last night, this real-life drama was unfolding:

An unidentified person was arrested in the city's Presidio neighborhood after police discovered a stash of "explosive devices" in a red pickup truck during a routine traffic stop.

According to multiple press reports, the officer smelled a waft of marijuana after pulling over the driver at the 900 block of Old Mason Street. At that point, the driver told the cop that he had fireworks in the car and "passed a device" to the officer.

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Middle School on Lockdown After Two Shot in the Bayview

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Two men are recovering in surgery after a double shooting this afternoon in the city's Bayview neighborhood.

Officer Albie Esparza says that at about 3:26 p.m., the cops responded to the area of Gilman and Ingalls after being alerted to shots fired there. Before police arrived, the two victims -- a 23-year-old man and a 25-year-old man -- had taken themselves to a local hospital with gunshot wounds to their lower body.

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Andres Amador: Local Artist Puts Your Kid's Sandcastle to Shame at Ocean Beach


Local artist Andres Amador descended upon Ocean Beach this weekend where he awed crowds of onlookers with his latest playa painting.

Using his traditional supplies -- a rake and the sand as his canvas -- Amador was reportedly making this latest piece as part of a documentary. We spotted the amazing images of his artwork today on Check them out:

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Faux Willie Brown: Leland Yee's Alleged Gun-Running Is Mere Child's Play

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What Leland Yee did wasn't gun running, per se
By Faux Willie Brown

I've gotten around to reading the indictment against State Senator Leland Yee, and for the life of me I can't see what all the fuss is about.

When all is said and done, his alleged crimes come down to serving as a middle man between Chinese mobsters and Pilipino gangsters to smuggle munitions to an unknown location.

Every gun show in Texas does worse than that. Hell, isn't that what the Cow Palace in Daly City is for?

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Warriors to Buy Salesforce Site and Abandon Waterfront Stadium Plans, Sources Say

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Going, going, gone?
Multiple city sources have told SF Weekly that the Golden State Warriors and have agreed on terms to sell the team a future stadium site on a sprawling patch of Mission Bay land off Third Street -- dooming the proposed waterfront arena Mayor Ed Lee tabbed his "legacy project." 

Officials at the Port of San Francisco denied knowledge of such a deal earlier this month and, again, today. Warriors president Rick Welts did not return SF Weekly's calls. Team spokesman P.J. Johnston last week refused to confirm or deny the transaction, and hasn't returned calls today. Calls to the mayor's office have, thus far, gone unanswered. 

Well-placed sources within the city, however, said that the team could be announcing its plans as soon as Tuesday. 

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Bay Area Teen Flies to Hawaii in Wheel Well

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screren-shot via KGO
Boy runs away -- to Hawaii
Another Bay Area resident who's desperate to get to Hawaii actually made it to the Aloha State by stowing away in the wheel well of the plane.

We read the incredible news on KGO this morning, which details how the 16-year-old boy dodged security at San Jose's Mineta Airport and hopped a ride to Hawaii without being noticed. Of course, people took note of his presence once the jet landed on the tarmac in Maui.

See Also: Marilyn Hartman: DA Says Woman Busted for Sneaking Onto Hawaii-Bound Flights Is "Lonely"

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Butter Knife-Wielding Woman Robs Cab Driver

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flickr/Lisa Ouellette
A very dull crime
That's the first and probably the last time we'll be able to write that headline.

Police are looking for a woman armed with a butter knife who robbed a taxi driver yesterday morning in the city's Tenderloin neighborhood.

Officer Albie Esparza says the woman hopped a cab at about 2 a.m., and told the driver to pull over at Hyde and Ellis streets. At that point, she pulled out her butter knife, put the dull blade to the man's chest and demanded all his money.

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