Nick Waterhouse's Lexus TV Ad Is Really an Ad For Nick Waterhouse

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It's strange to see the Lexus TV ad that first aired during the Grammys and realize, suddenly, that this is indeed a Nick Waterhouse song, and that -- whoa -- there is Nick Waterhouse himself dancing and singing and looking dapper. Nick Waterhouse doesn't seem like a Lexus sort of guy. He's a soul-rocker from Southern California, the kind of R&B geek whose top five records are all from artists you've not remotely heard of and couldn't get your hands on anyway unless you're Nick Waterhouse, or, like, Dick Vivian. Could see him doing a Chrysler commercial. Could even see maybe a Lincoln ad -- his aesthetic is all vintage suits and horn-rimmed eyeglasses.

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No, It's Completely Absurd That MTV Gives Awards For Music Videos But Doesn't Air Any

Signifying nothing.
So here is Slate economics blogger Matthew Yglesias explaining why it makes sense for MTV to hold a ceremony called the Video Music Awards, even though MTV doesn't play music videos:

Realizing that people would watch a music video channel is hard. Starting a music video channel is easy. And once your music video channel is succeeding, the idea isn't proprietary anymore. If you insist on continuing to fill your network with easily replicable commodity content, you'll end up facing ruinous competition. So a smart network does exactly what MTV's done over the years. You take your audience demographics and your programming niche and you try to build more original less commoditized content around it.
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With Cassadee Pope, The Voice Has Anointed a True Star

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As it's done all season, The Voice dragged out its results show to a degree that was at best arduous and at worst excruciating. So, after two hours of performances from bus-loads of people -- including Rihanna (who had actual clothes on, miraculously), Smokey Robinson, Kelly Clarkson, The Killers, Peter Frampton, Bruno Mars, Avril Lavigne (bleugh), and about a billion of this season's contestants (including a few we can't even remember) -- the winner was announced: Cassadee Pope.

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The Voice Semi-Finals Recap: Team Blake For The Win! (Again)

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Th Voice.jpg

Alright, kids. The end is in sight. All of Christina Aguilera's and Adam Levine's team members have been eliminated at this point, so everything comes down to the picks of either Blake Shelton or Cee-Lo Green. We like Team Blake: Scottish rocker Terry McDermott and ex-Hey Monday vocalist Cassadee Pope (who frankly should win this entire thing based solely on her tearjerking cover of Miranda Lambert's "Over You" a couple of weeks back). Of course, if the soulful boring winners from the first two seasons are anything to go on, Team Cee-Lo is more likely to take the gold, for he has two soul guys. And, apparently, when it comes to The Voice, America really likes voting for soul guys.

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Seth Bogart's New Label Released a Porno Record and a Kid's Record on the Same Day

Seth Bogart
Seth Bogart -- or Hunx, as he is better known when fronting homosexually themed garage group Hunx and His Punx -- isn't shy about his interests. His lyrics and stage
persona are charged with flippant sexuality, beauty-industry clich├ęs and girl-group style
relationship melodrama. But, the notorious Bay Area group has been relatively inactive lately. Bogart is instead busily launching a record label called Wacky Wacko and premiering a video series called Hollywood Nailz on the Internet. We caught up with him to discuss the new projects, and Bogart was characteristically forthcoming regarding details of both.

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Watch: S.F. Rocker Ty Segall Makes TV Debut With Conan O'Brien

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Ty Segall on Conan last night.
S.F. rocker Ty Segall is blowing up.

Only days ago, Segall brought his facemelting live show to Treasure Island Music Festival, and put on one of the best sets of the weekend. Yesterday, SPIN issued a long, enthusiastic cover story on the SoCal native. And last night, Segall and his band -- which includes former SF Weekly music intern Emily Rose Epstein on the drums -- made their television debut on Conan.

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