Adele's Grammy Performance: A Reminder of the Scary Power of an Honest, Gorgeous Song

Adele performing "Rolling in the Deep" at the 2012 Grammy Awards.

Every once in a while, you come across a performance that reaches into your body, grabs your soul with two hands, and shakes you back into full awareness of the seriously insane power of music.

It sounds sappy and clich├ęd, and it is. But that's exactly what Adele did at the Grammy Awards yesterday.

There will be plenty of things to remember about this year's Grammys, including Adele making off with seemingly all of them. But in terms of rewarding artistry, these industry awards are just one level above total bullshit. Complaining about who got them or didn't get them is fun, although useless. But despite the arbitrariness and artifice, the Grammys pageant occasionally manages to honor -- or air -- a performance that exhibits the mysterious, almost scary sway that music at its best has.

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