Chuy Gomez Returns to Bay Area Radio as Host For New Hot 105.7 Hip-Hop Station

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Chuy Gomez is back.
The "Hot in Herre" loop heard for the last four days is over. Univision's Latin Mix 105.7 FM blasted the 2002 smash hit starting at 3 p.m. on Friday and ending at 5 p.m. today, garnering attention from media outlets around the country. But a few minutes ago, station owner Univision announced that 105.7 was becoming a new hip-hop and R&B station for the Bay Area -- and that longtime KMEL DJ Chuy Gomez, who was controversially fired last year, would be its afternoon drive-time personality.

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Nelly's "Hot in Here": Only a Few Hours Left to Lose Yourself in the Radio Loop

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It is... but only for a few more hours
Need to hypnotize yourself through the slog of this Monday morning? Well, listen up: Since Friday afternoon, Univision's "Latino Mix" Bay Area radio station at 105.7/100.7 FM has been playing Nelly's "Hot in Herre" on continuous loop as it prepare to change formats. Yes, all weekend long. The stunt is fairly common in radio when stations switch formats -- as Radioinsight points out, KKRG in Albuquerque looped Frank Sinatra's "New York New York" for four days two weeks ago before beginning a new format. And a station in Austin even did the loop thing with "Hot in Herre" back in 2003.

But something about this station, this song, and this moment has caught the attention of the country. The Latino Mix stunt has grabbed headlines throughout major media, at Vice and Gawker and even USA Today. There is a strangely hypnotic quality to listening to Nelly's 2002 smash hit endlessly on a loop. You feel like it's Friday night no matter what you're doing. But if you want to get lost in the magic, you better start listening soon.

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Jonathan Richman to Appear on Radio Valencia, Discuss Lou Reed, the Velvet Underground

Jonathan Richman
This Sunday, March 2, would have been Lou Reed's 72nd birthday. To honor him, the great local singer-songwriter Jonathan Richman will appear on Radio Valencia's Wax! Crackle! Pop! show to talk about his hero Reed and his most famous musical project, the Velvet Underground.

Richman, of course, is famous in his own right as the leader of raw power-pop band The Modern Lovers, and a longtime solo artist known for his sincerity and playfulness. Early on, Reed and the Velvets were a major influence on Richman -- it's not hard to hear at touch of that raw New York drone in "Roadrunner," for example.

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DJ Chuy Gomez Says He Was Fired Because KMEL Is "Going in a Different Direction"

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NBC Bay Area
Veteran KMEL DJ Jesus "Chuy" Gomez was let go by surprise last Thursday because, according to Gomez, the station's general manager decided KMEL no longer needed him. "'You're a great guy, we respect you, we love you, but we're going in a different direction,'" Gomez says he was told by the manager, in an interview with NBC Bay Area on Friday.

Gomez was a more than 20-year veteran of the local hip-hop station, and arguably its best-known personality. News of the firing sparked outrage in the Bay Area's hip-hop community, with rappers like E-40 protesting the move on Twitter and many fans saying Gomez was the only reason they listened to KMEL.

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Dear Live 105 and Treasure Island: 'Hipster' Is Neither a Music Genre Nor a Term of Praise

I heard the voice booming through a store in downtown San Francisco on Saturday: Something about "hipster" bands too "hipster" to even mention on the radio. It was an ad on Live 105 advertising a giveaway for Treasure Island Music Festival tickets, and while the "Hipster Immersion Program" page is no longer on the station's website, there are still a few teasers on Facebook. "For two days [the winner] will be fully immersed in hipster culture [at Treasure Island]," one post promises. "Learn phrases like, 'I really only liked their first album.'"

Ha ha ha -- but seriously, Treasure Island and Live 105: This is a poor way to market your station and your festival. For one thing, the bands headlining Treasure Island this year -- bands like Beck and Atoms for Peace and Major Lazer -- are plainly not too hipster to mention on the radio. In fact, Live 105 has been playing Beck and Thom Yorke's other band for 20 years. And do you think the average Live 105 listener has heard of Diplo? Bet they have! They might have even heard of ... Animal Collective! Give your listeners some credit.

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Spin Control: The Dos and Don'ts of Landing a Song on KMEL

KMEL assistant program director Kenard "K2" Karter.
If you're a rising local artist, it's not easy to get a song played on KMEL, but it's not impossible -- and your odds are actually better than you might think if you pay attention to the opportunities the station currently offers to the local community.

Having talent is essential, but it's not enough, in and of itself, to guarantee success. And while KMEL is owned by Clear Channel, which parents stations nationwide, assistant program director Kenard Karter says there is plenty more room for local artists to break through on the air.

But there's an etiquette -- a finesse, if you will -- to getting heard. And there are some pitfalls that it would be smart to avoid:

Do make an appointment on Music Monday

Music Monday takes place at the station from 10 a.m. to noon every Monday, and if you secure an appointment in advance, you can actually go there and play your song for staffers. They listen to about 10 new songs per week in person. "There's tons of opportunity," says Karter, who is also on-air from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekdays as K2.

Your song will most likely be considered for Home Turf, which broadcasts on Fridays at 11 p.m., but tunes that are successful there have a clear shot at moving to the main playlist. Additionally, each week, three songs are chosen to go on the Home Turf home page and get voted on by the public for a chance at being played on the air.

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KUSF Sale Report: FCC Limbo Now at 16 Months

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Call it 16 months of dead air: That's how long it's been since San Francisco's beloved KUSF 90.3 FM went dark in the middle of a January Tuesday, with no warning whatsoever.

And after all that time, it's still unclear whether the sale of the station to a SoCal classical music radio network -- which infuriated community radio supporters and music fans across the country -- will actually be approved.

The $3.75 million sale of the station's FM broadcast license is still in limbo at the FCC, the government body that oversees such transactions. The agency called for further review of the sale last year, but it has no deadline to meet and won't comment on its work. So there's no indication of how long it might be before the fate of KUSF is decided.

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KUSF Sale: FCC Wants to Sweat the Details

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KUSF crowd by chris stevens-2.jpg
Chris Stevens
KUSF supporters at a hearing on the station's closure earlier this year.

Doesn't look like the FCC is going to just rubber-stamp USF's sale of the beloved community radio station KUSF.

In a letter yesterday, the FCC's audio honcho asked to see all the documents generated in the last year related to the sale of the 90.3 FM broadcasting license to the Classical Public Radio Network. The $3 million deal, which was announced out of nowhere in January, immediately silenced what had been a treasured spot for local, smaller, older, and weirder music on the Bay Area radio dial.

Before the sale is complete, the FCC has to sign off. Yesterday's request for more information does not mean the sale won't be approved. But KUSF volunteers and DJs -- who were understandably furious and heartbroken at the sudden closure of their station -- are taking it as an encouraging sign.

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This Just In: The U.S. House of Representatives Hates NPR

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National Public Radio is good. Very good. They entertain us with such shows as This American Life, inform us with Morning Edition, and drop some musical knowledge on All Songs Considered. But the United States House of Representatives doesn't feel the same way: today it voted to cut off government funding for the non-profit radio organization.

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Has S.F.'s Pirate Cat Radio Run Aground?

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Pirate Cat founder Daniel "Monkey" Roberts
DJs at San Francisco's Pirate Cat Radio are wondering what's going on with the Mission station -- and whether it even exists at all -- after founder Daniel "Monkey" Roberts abruptly pulled the plug on things in a staff meeting earlier this month.

No one's quite sure who owns the station, or to whom their dues are going -- or even where Roberts is.

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