Willie Nelson Says Pot Saved His Life

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Richard Haick
Willie Nelson at the Fillmore, January 2011.

Willie Nelson, king hippie of country music and walking THC repository, was recently asked a question about legalizing marijuana. And guess what? He's for it.

The fact that ol' Willie thinks weed oughta be legal and taxed is about as surprising as hearing that Ted Nugent acquired his dinner with a firearm. But what was interesting in Nelson's new interview with the UK Guardian was what he said about the drug changing his life. Asked by writer Michael Hann about the hard-drinkin' days before he was a stoner, Willie basically -- not explicitly, but clearly enough -- says that doobies saved his young, reckless self from an untimely departure:

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Berner Is San Francisco's Stoner Rapper Answer to Girls Gone Wild Creator Joe Francis

There aren't too many local songs in seemingly heavy rotation on KMEL, but this annoying (and, to these ears, racially insensitive) one called "Yoko" is always on in the car.

Turns out it's by San Francisco's Berner, with heavyweight national guest stars Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, and Big K.R.I.T. Berner has been releasing albums for a few years, collaborating with local notables like the Jacka, Messy Marv, and J. Stalin; he's got a cool new video with time-lapse video of some of S.F.'s most recognizable landscapes; and he has this "Yoko" song on the air eleven billion times a day (approximately).

But we think Berner's greatest bid for attention here and abroad is coming via his attempt to be a blunted version of Joe Francis with his Stoner Girls Gone Wild web series (episode one and episode two are both quite NSFW).

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Jefferson Airplane's Grace Slick Is Selling Art to Help Legalize Pot

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Grace Slick
Will someone please give Grace Slick a light?

And for today's Most Typically San Francisco news item, we bring you this: No, it's not a new ban on kittens. Rather, Grace Slick, singer of the famous '60s S.F. psych-rock band Jefferson Airplane, is selling new artwork tomorrow night to aid the effort to legalize marijuana.

Oh, and Slick's name for the series of art she's unveiling? It is -- we kid you not -- the 420 Collection.

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Did Cameron Diaz Buy Weed From Snoop Dogg in High School?

Categories: Pot Culture

So Cameron Diaz was recently on the George Lopez Show (and has he always sounded like that?), where she discussed Cuban food, driving a Prius, identity theft, and all that good stuff. But she also recalled her days as a high school student in Long Beach, and memories of one upperclassman named Calvin Broadus, who in all likelihood sold her weed at one point. Let's watch:

Could Cameron's intimations be true?

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Legalize It So Wiz Khalifa'll Come Party With Us In California

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In arguably the least surprising development in the lead-up to next Tuesday's general election, Wiz Khalifa -- promising Pittsburgh rapper and successor to the weed-rules-everything-around-me mantle of Devin the Dude -- has come out in support of Proposition 19.


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Listen To This While High: 'The Merry Barracks,' by Deerhoof

Given numerous (and proliferating) testimonials to cannabis use in its lyrics, it may be safely ventured at this late hour that rock music and marijuana go together like jazz and teacup gin. Racks of rock LPs, even entire sub-genres of the music, reach the ears already reeking of the devil's weed, and a purist's temptation to follow suit is nigh irresistible. Since staggeringly strong dank is readily available and a high-speed Internet connection makes every laptop a potential Mighty Wurlitzer, it's worth any doper's while to lower a resin-crusty critical bucket into the blogged MP3 stream for suitable musical accompaniment for getting ripped to the tits.

Listen to this while high: "The Merry Barracks" by Deerhoof, found on Hype Machine.

Recommended strain: Blue Goo -- a malodorous, skullfuck of a sativa-dominant hybrid which I bolstered with a pinch of Sour Diesel hashish for meditative purposes.

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Photos: Pot-Growing Doll House Discovered in Lower Haight

Categories: Pot Culture
Notice the carpet on the lower right. It's a recurring theme in the decor.
I'm pretty sure this is the reason we live in San Francisco: The chance that, on a random Tuesday evening, walking home from the neighborhood market, you might stumble upon a hilarious dollhouse outfitted to look like a weed-growing house proudly on display in the window of a nearby cafe. Said dollhouse will of course include Pee Wee Herman dolls, Star Trek action figures, a magic brownie-baking kitchen, and (so my eyes tell me) real marijuana clippings. Take a tour after the jump.

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San Jose's Cannabis Gold Rush: Throwing L.A.'s Cautionary Tale to the Wind

Categories: Pot Culture
If nothing else, Los Angeles' protracted struggle with cannabis clinic regulation should serve as a warning to other cities in which medicinal marijuana dispensaries wish to operate -- Better to lay down some strict rules and regulations, even if they can be a bit onerous (like in San Francisco), even if it means limiting the amount of clinics allowed within city limits to, say, five (like in Oakland).

Pic via LAWeekly

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Hope You Enjoyed CMCR Report, Because That's All, Folks

Categories: Pot Culture
It's not news that marijuana may have healing qualities: after all, medicinal cannabis has been (sort of) the law of the land since 1996, when California voters passed Proposition 215 . Still, it was a very big deal when the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research released the results last Wednesday of its 10-year, $9 million study on pot's medical efficacy.

The good news? The tests were the first clinical trials conducted on marijuana in almost 20 years. The bad news? They might be the last clinical trials conducted for the near future - and who knows? - maybe another 20 years.

Photo via How Stuff Works

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A Big Fat Bowl of Nothing: What the Pot Limit Strike Down Really Means

Categories: Pot Culture
What exactly did the California Supreme Court do Thursday, when it struck down a 2003 law limiting the amount of pot a medical marijuana patient can possess to eight ounces? A big fat bowl of nothing, says Dale Gieringer, who as director of the state office of National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), ought to know.

All the court did was uphold the will of the voters - which is exactly what it did when it upheld Proposition 8, incidentally. Proposition 215, passed in 1996 by voters, put no arbitrary limits on how much pot a patient can possess; it was the 2003 law, passed by the Assembly, that did. Voters trump the voted, every time. "This is exactly as we expected," Gieringer said. The state "cannot arbitrarily limit the amount of plants, the amount of medicine a patient might use."
Medical Marijuana via Troy Holden
That is not to say a recommendation gives any patient, anywhere, carte blanche to tote any amount of medicine.

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