Violent Vickie's "Fuck You!!!!!" Joins Wave of Local Anti-Gentro Rock

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Violent Vickie plays Saturday at Hemlock Tavern.
Whatever your thoughts on the forces changing San Francisco, there's a growing wave of music that is loudly opposed to them -- to change, to wealth, to techies, to Google buses, to, well, a lot of things. It almost feels like a burgeoning sonic movement, despite the stylistic differences. There's the synth-punk outfit Pow!, whose infamous press release from Thee Oh Sees' John Dwyer helped start a conversation about what's happening to music in this city. There's the gutter-psych of CCR Headcleaner, who persist in S.F. despite of the difficulties of living here.

And there is Violent Vickie, a "queer feminist multimedia electro-punk" band from S.F. and Oakland. If older cuts like "City for the Rich" aren't clear enough, Violent Vickie just posted a new song with Parae called "Fuck You!!!!!" that indicts, well, pretty much everything. It's the latest salvo in S.F. musicians' battle to hang on in this city. And even if we don't agree completely with the sentiment, it definitely makes for bracing, bruising listening:

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Iamsu! Partners With Pink Dolphin For Clothing Line, Mixtape Release This Saturday

The HBK Gang with Iamsu! at center, praying to the dolphin gods.
Because all rappers need their streetwear affiliations, Heart Break Gang leader and East Bay rap maven-in-the-making Iamsu! has a budding partnership with Pink Dolphin, the outrageously popular apparel house that recently opened a shop in the Upper Haight. In addition to its seapunky design aesthetic, Pink Dolphin is notable for a philosophy of making only a very limited number of each item in its line -- so you know that if you bought that $34 puffer fish T-shirt, you aren't too likely to find someone else wearing it.

Anyway, Su's been seen haunting the Pink Dolphin 'hood before, but this Saturday, he'll be back there in person to launch a new mini-line he developed with the label's designers, as well as a new mixtape. Catch is, you gotta be there in the flesh, 'cause this mixtape is only going out on CD -- and word is that 'Su will be announcing a special event for Saturday as well.

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Watch: French Horn Rebellion's "Caaalifornia" Is a Visual Love Letter to S.F.

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Two small Brooklyn dudes, one big beautiful city
Stop whining about the sniping poors or the selfish rich for a few minutes and remember what you love about San Francisco: It's fucking gorgeous. Leave it to out-of-towners French Horn Rebellion to make a goofy video -- casting themselves as two 12-inch dudes haplessly chasing the hottest hottie they've ever laid eyes on -- that shows our lovely burg in all its resplendent glory. While the song "Caalifornia" itself might be dance-pop pap, they did choose a nice setting for this video:

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Behold: DrumPants Exist (And They're Exactly What They Sound Like)

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The ol' rooftop solo jam just got DISRUPTED
You've been slapping out rhythms on your thighs since you were a wee tot, but what did you really get out of it? Just a few dull thwaps and some painfully inflamed skin, right?

Well, that's all about to change. DrumPants are a wearable, customizable device that turns our pants -- or other garments -- into decent-sounding electronic drums (and other instruments). And you can buy them right now, for $139.99. Seriously. (You'll get them in May.)

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CCR Headcleaner Eats Food Out of the Trash While on Tour, But Not Because They Have To

CCR Headcleaner plays Thursday at Great American Music Hall.
CCR Headcleaner thrives on obstacles. Guitarist Alex Gargile is a quarter short for a cup of coffee. He's a part-time horticulturist up north, but not lately. Drummer Justin Flowers and bassist Mark Treise slouch against Community Thrift on Valencia St. where the second guitarist, Ned Meiners, is about to break for lunch. They look weary, wince at the sun, and dress like depositories for the thrift shop's rejected wares. A block away, Flowers predicts that his rent-controlled apartment will be sold soon.

But despite the many crises and trials detailed in our interview, the quartet still laughs a lot. The band insists that elation lives in the twisted heart of its brazenly loud and lumbering rock 'n' roll. CCR Headcleaner's debut full-length -- a dense barrage of woozy Southern riffs and turgid feedback -- bares the hopeful title Lace the Earth with Arms Wide Open. The album's positive reception and a recent tour with Ty Segall's power-trio Fuzz shows a career upswing, and the band is opening for White Fence and Parquet Courts at Great American Music Hall this Thursday, Jan. 23. But the chaos marking the quartet's four-year existence still lingers, even if they have to create it.

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Kirk Hammett To Perform With Exodus, His Old Band, at Fear FestEvil in Feburary

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As any self-respecting metalhead knows, Kirk Hammett was not Metallica's original lead guitarist. He joined up after fiery redhead and consummate asshole Dave Mustaine got the boot. And Hammett wasn't just out there in the ether, doing nothing -- he was slinging axes for one of the Bay Area's other thrash metal greats, Exodus.

Nowadays, Hammett, who lives in his native S.F., has a habit of showing up to jam with local metal veterans who happen to be in town. (Remember when he played with Anthrax?) Usually it's a surprise, but today, Hammett announced that he will be rejoining his old band mates in Exodus when they play a big show in S.F. next month.

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Here Is How Thee Oh Sees' John Dwyer, Future L.A. Resident, Sees S.F. Gentrification

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John Dwyer
As we told you a couple of weeks ago, San Francisco's favorite bunch of deranged rock musicians are taking a well-deserved hiatus as their leader, Thee Oh Sees' John Dwyer, moves to Los Angeles.

The symbolism of the frontman of one of S.F.'s most beloved bands moving to that city down there is heavy enough that we barely need to point it out. But what we could only imagine -- until now -- is Dwyer's view of the place he's long called home.

This appears to have just arrived -- in the form of an endorsement for Hi-Tech Boom, the debut album from S.F. band POW!, which Dwyer's own Castle Face Records is putting out this Jan. 14. He wrote the press release copy for the album himself, and while we don't normally publish press releases here on All Shook Down, this one says something worth reading. It's not only Dwyer on POW!, it's Dwyer on the city he's leaving. Here's the whole thing, unedited:

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Watch: Massive "Single Ladies" Flash Mob Takes Over S.F.'s Main Library

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We kinda wonder about the spontaneity of this flash mob, given the outfits and synchronization and the rather practiced dancing, but! We're in no mood to spoil this party with reality. Here, showing all of San Francisco's rainbow diversity, is a vast flash mob shaking its thing to "Single Ladies" in the lobby of San Francisco Public Library. Why? Because it's Friday, because it's holiday time, and because you're probably sick of "Drunk in Love" already. You're welcome.

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Journey Guitarist Marries Reality TV Star in Pay-Per-View S.F. Ceremony

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AP photo
Schon and Salahi
Journey guitarist Neal Schon wed reality TV star and presidential party-crasher Michaele Salahi at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco on Sunday.

In a first for a garish semi-celebrity wedding, you could pay $14.95 to watch it live on television. But unless you were invited, you couldn't visit the public-owned Palace of Fine Arts yesterday. Schon and Salahi paid $246,000 in city fees to get it to themselves.

See also: Why You Should Pay to Watch Journey Guitarist and Reality TV Woman's Massive S.F. Wedding

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Why You Should Pay to Watch Journey Guitarist and Reality TV Woman's Massive S.F. Wedding

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The happy couple.
There's a lot going on here, so let's break it down. First, "Journey guitarist" -- you know who Neal Schon is, right? He's the sole member of one of San Francisco's all-time most successful (and, yes, embarrassing) rock bands, the one who really didn't stop believing.

Now. Mr. Schon is enamored with one Michaele Holt Salahi, star of a trashy televised thing called "Real Housewives of D.C." So enamored that they want to get married. Naturally, on live TV, because all important people live their lives on TV now, when they aren't crashing White House parties. Neal and Michaele are doing their TV nuptuals at San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts. This Sunday. And they want to charge you $14.95 for the privilege of watching what has been breathtakingly named "Neal and Michaele: The Winter Wonderland Wedding and Music Event."

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