Stream Ghetto Cuisine, the New Mixtape From DaVinci and Sweet Valley

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Fillmore rapper DaVinci is back with a new mixtape. This time he's teamed up with Sweet Valley, the beat-making production duo of Wavves' Nathan Williams and his brother Kynan. The mixtape is called Ghetto Cuisine, and it features guest appearances from Main Attrakionz and 100s. You can download it in full off the Fool's Gold website. Or, jump below for a full stream and a video for "I Got That Line," which which uses booming 808s and Jamaican dancehall samples to soundtrack some epically scenic shots of the city.

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Celebrate the Life (and House Music) of Frankie Knuckles Tonight and This Weekend


By now, you've probably heard the news: On Tuesday, Mar. 31 2014, Frankie Knuckles, the progenitor of Chicago house music, died at the age of 59. In the late-'70s, his unique sets, played at an after-hours club called the Warehouse, gave house both its aesthetic form and name ("house" originally referred to the kind of music Knuckles' played at his club). His potent mixture of disco and electronics is still a large part of global dance culture today -- house music soundtracks parties in nearly every major city in the world. The suddenness of his death was a tragedy, but that doesn't mean you should stay depressed. Instead, we recommend you go out and celebrate his life at one of the many parties that have chosen to honor his legacy.

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Does This Mean Tom Waits Might Tour Soon?

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Tom Waits' current album is 2011's Bad As Me
Let us hope this means what we all want it to mean: For the first time in 20 years, Tom Waits has signed with a booking agency, the NME and CMU report. This means that the Sonoma County resident now has official representation in the world of people who get major artists playing shows.

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Tom Waits

The U.K. Is Introducing Age Ratings for Music Videos. Here's Why It's a Good Idea

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If there was a recurring theme in the music videos of 2013, it was undoubtedly female nudity. And not the kind of vaguely suggestive, scantily-clad clothing options so common in pop -- this was complete and total nakedness (as you will remember from Miley's "Wrecking Ball," Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines," Justin Timberlake's "Tunnel Vision," and Rihanna's (actually tasteful) "Stay." We assume all these exposed lady parts were enough to send the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) over the edge, because the organization has just announced that it will be introducing age ratings to online music videos in the U.K.

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Santana Reunites With Homeless Former Band Member After Seeing Him on TV

Santana and Malone, reunited
Over at KRON 4, observer of people behaving badly (and SF Weekly cover subject) Stanley Roberts just pulled off a real-life Christmas miracle. While shooting a report on illegal dumping in Oakland, Roberts interviewed a homeless man named Marcus Malone, who, Malone said, was an original member of Carlos Santana's blues band, but had gotten thrown in jail just before Woodstock, and just before the band caught its break.

Roberts went back, filed his report, and put Malone on TV -- where Santana, who was watching, saw him.

Turns out Malone wasn't kidding.

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Unsound, an S.F.-Made Documentary About the Music Industry in the Age of Free

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Count and Lyrics Born

San Francisco producer-engineer Mikael Eldridge, a.k.a. Count, has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry: Radiohead, The Rolling Stones, New Order, No Doubt. Locally, he's collaborated with Blackalicious, Lyrics Born, and DJ Shadow. And Count, who happens to be staring down the prospect of getting evicted from his home and studio in Bernal Heights, has a message for us: If we care at all about the future of music, writing, the arts in general -- we have to stop thinking it should all be made available to us for free.

"The people that create the things we all love and depend on are struggling more than ever," says the producer earnestly in the Indiegogo campaign video for his new documentary Unsound. "What is the future for creators if their work is literally worth nothing? Is all music going to be free? What about books, movies, news? What happens to writers and journalists when they are no longer paid to do important research?"

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Kanye West Proposes to Kim Kardashian at AT&T Park

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Mr. Yeezus himself, Kanye West, rented out AT&T Park on Monday night in order to propose to his girlfriend and the mother of his baby, Kim Kardashian. According to CBS 5, the proceedings took place on Kardashian's 33rd birthday, and included a 50-piece orchestra and a 15-carat diamond ring. AT&T Park's big jumbotron flashed the words "PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!" as Kanye took one knee and proposed, demonstrating once again that Kanye is just as emotionally intense in real life as he is in song.

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Boiler Room Announces First Party Broadcast From S.F., Featuring Madlib

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Boiler Room is hosting its first party in San Francisco.
It's finally happening: Boiler Room is coming to San Francisco on Saturday, Oct. 19. If the name Boiler Room doesn't ring a bell, chances are you haven't been spending much time in the world of underground dance music. It's an Internet television show -- started in London, but with outposts in Berlin, New York, and Los Angeles -- that regularly features exclusive live-streamed sets, recorded in warehouse party locations, from some of the most respected DJs in the world. Recent episodes have featured luminaries like Marcel Dettman, Maceo Plex, and Frankie Knuckles. It's one of the larger music channels on the internet, pushing cutting-edge music, with style, via the media of the moment.

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Rolling Stone Names Two Local Venues Among the Best Amphitheaters in the Country

Christopher Victorio
Green Day at the Greek Theatre.
So Rolling Stone is on this clickbaiting kick of naming the best venues in the country, and so far its lists have been pretty kind to the Bay Area: The rock mag for your dad named the Fillmore the No. 2 "big room" in America (which, duh), and Great American Music Hall the sixth best club in the U.S. of A.

Now it's on to another list -- the best amphitheaters in the country. And while the Bay Area didn't make a top 3 or top 5 appearance, it did get two in the 10 best nationwide.

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John Vanderslice Calls Third Eye Blind "Garbage Music" and Stephan Jenkins a "Boorish Oaf"

Third Eye Blind's Stephan Jenkins at SXSW 2013. Photo by Christopher Victorio.
Stop whatever you're doing and read this searing Onion A.V. Club interview wherein one San Francisco songwriter named John Vanderslice savages another San Francisco songwriter named Stephan Jenkins (of Third Eye Blind). Because while a savaging was called for (this piece is a recurrent feature in which artists discuss songs they hate), Vanderslice doesn't stop at saying Third Eye Blind makes "garbage music." He doesn't stop with an ugly tale about the time the band booked Tiny Telephone, the recording studio he owns. He stabs into the song's druggy, "misogynistic" depths, concluding that Jenkins is "a net negative as a person." Here are a few sample quotes:

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