The 20 Best San Francisco Concerts of 2012, According to Us

Christopher Victorio
Bassnectar fans at Bill Graham Civic in October.
Whether you preferred the dancefloor at Mighty, the plush environs of Bimbo's 365 Club, or the dewy late-night fields of Outside Lands, there were plenty of great concerts in San Francisco and the Bay Area in 2012. We reviewed many of them, from "secret" shows at semi-legal clubs to sprawling, three-hour sets by all-time greats like Stevie Wonder. But even we couldn't catch everything. So first, check out our list of the 20 best local concerts in 2012. Then, in the comments, tell us what we missed. Here's to another great year of show-going in 2013.

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Is San Francisco Too Obsessed with Garage and Indie Rock?

Hey! Any music writers in that crowd?
In an interview this week with the excellent British music website The Quietus, San Francisco electronic artist oOoOO (real name: Christopher Dexter Greenspan) commented on the local popularity of garage/indie-rock:

On the subject of synths, you're from San Francisco. Your music isn't a brand I would assimilate with the usual sun-fried sound that emanates from the area.

CDG: Yeah, San Francisco is really big on garage rock right now, and rock/punk/guitar music in general. It's a weird place to be for me musically. People in New York and London -- even people in L.A. -- expressed an interest in what I'm doing before anyone in San Francisco. Even now, I get asked to play shows and do stuff way more often in New York than here. I did a DJ set in Chicago a few weeks ago and it got more press than I've got over the last year in San Francisco.
Leaving aside the fact that there is a ton of synth-based music coming out of S.F. -- and that the city has long been a hotspot for electronic music of all intentions (dancing or otherwise) -- Greenspan raises an interesting question here (not that he's the first):

Are we, both Bay Area music fans and journalists, too obsessed with the local garage/indie-rock scene? Is our obsession causing us to overlook other worthy local happenings?

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