Bruno Mars' Superbowl Halftime Show Was Nice, Fine, and Totally Un-Shocking

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There's no getting around it. Every year, those of us who don't even like football (and also aren't terribly interested in watching commercials, even if they are expensive) will still tune into the Superbowl, just like everybody else in America, because of the halftime show. Even this year, with the Bruno Mars/Red Hot Chili Peppers combination -- which was clearly going to be pretty fucking weird from the get-go -- we still tuned in. So was that nearly three hours of football and fancy ads worth it for the 12 minutes of music? Um. Meh. Kind of.

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Top Five Niners Rap Anthems to Blast Before Sunday's Game

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Who's got it better than us?
You know what's happening Sunday in Seattle. We don't have to tell you. But we do want to help you get pumped up. To that end, we're presenting the top five Niners anthems to blast all this weekend, before -- and hopefully after -- Sunday's NFC Championship. Crank up your speakers, 49ers fans, and let these blare:

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Watch: "Home" Is Your 49ers-Celebrating Farewell Ode to Candlestick

Rapper Heat in the mix at Candlestick
It's the last season for Candlestick Park, and the tributes are already pouring in. Here's one in video form from local rapper Heat, a Sunset District MC, writer, and youth educator who recalls here just about every notable moment in Niners history, from the world-dominating '80s seasons to that one Monday night when all the lights went out. This is Niners pride to the max. Watch here, and pour one out for the 'Stick:

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Sign This Petition To Get GWAR To Perform at the Super Bowl Right Now

Get thee to the Super Bowl, GWAR!

Bruno Mars, the world's first human to be born with an airbrushed face, is performing at next year's Super Bowl halftime show. It will be terrible. But at least we will all have 15 extra minutes in which to sleep, eat, fornicate, go get more beer, or forcibly direct our gaze at anything other than the television, which will be broadcasting carcinogenic levels of twerpiness and a nauseating volume of winks. (Epileptics, just leave the room.)

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Top Ten 49ers-Related Rap Songs to Bump Before the Next Game

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Heat shows 49er pride in the new "Die-Hard" video.
The past two years have seen an influx of rap songs dedicated to the San Francisco 49ers, a phenomenon that seems to grow along with the city's team pride. The tracks consist of a combination of remixes of popular songs and entirely original compositions, with most pointing out player names and little details that a fair-weather fan might not know.

Even if you don't actually watch football, these 10 tunes should help you get into the spirit of the game before the Niners kill the Atlanta Falcons on Jan. 20 and get one step closer to the Super Bowl.

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Amazing Video: A-1 Raps in S.F. Streets Amid Post-World Series Chaos

As settings for music videos go, this is one of the more interesting ideas we've seen: S.F. MC A-1 (aka Adam Traore) filmed this video for "Double Dose" in the streets of San Francisco right after the Giants won the World Series. Amid the toilet-paper-throwing and sign-waving and Henny-passing, there are fires, vandalized buses, and some seriously grouchy members of the San Francisco Police Department. Things get dicey a few times, especially toward the end, but A-1 keeps his cool, rhyming pretty much on-lyric throughout the whole thing despite many, many distractions. It makes for a good rap video, but "Double Dose" is almost more interesting as a street-level document of what really happened the night in 2012 that the Giants won it all:

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Your World Series National Anthem Singers: Aretha and Zooey, But Not Bob Seger

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Zooey Deschanel: Coming soon to a baseball game you'll be watching.
So, okay, Phillip Phillips, the American Idol winner, wasn't awful at the National Anthem before last night's World Series Game 1. And tonight's singer is Matthew Morrison, who plays a character on another Fox TV show some people watch, called Glee.

After that, though, the singers doing "The Star Spangled Banner" for the 2012 World Series start to get more interesting.

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Here Is Lil Wayne Singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" at the Giants-Cardinals Game Last Night

It got Weezy in S.F. yesterday
Well, this didn't make it to our Fox-fueled TV screens yesterday: Rap star/walking tattoo warning Lil Wayne was on hand at AT&T Park to sing -- we use that term loosely -- "Take Me Out to the Ball Game." Yes, and with enthusiasm! Which raises several questions:

1. Lil Wayne is a Giants fan? (He's decked out in the team gear in this video we've got for you.)

2. Lil Wayne can sing? (Hint: No AutoTune appeared to be on hand at AT&T Park yesterday.)

3. Whom can we expect to surprise us at tonight's NCLS Game 7? (If you know, leave us a hint in the comments, please.)

Meanwhile, here's Weezy gettin' all affectionate for our boys in the orange and black:

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Let's All Laugh at How Terrible These St. Louis Cardinals Fan Songs Are

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[Editor's note: SF Weekly's sister paper in St. Louis recently put together a list of eight rather hilariously unflattering fan-made tributes to the St. Louis Cardinals. Obviously, they originally meant it with some affection. But given that our beloved Giants are currently battling the Cards for the National League title, we see these in, shall we say, a different light -- especially given the typically high-quality Giants tributes issued by locals like E-40, a bunch of other rappers, and Ashkon. Here then, as a rare insight into the minds of musically-inclined Cardinals fans -- our opponents -- we present some of the worst-yet tributes to the team. Laugh away.]

Every sport has its fan-written songs, but in Major League Baseball today, it seems like no community seems to write as many as St. Louis Cardinals fans. And most of them are awful.

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E-40 Remakes "Function" Into an S.F. Giants Postseason Anthem, Because Duh

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Obviously an S.F. Giants postseason run wouldn't be nearly as fun without a suitably themed local rap song to go along with it. So here, fulfilling that need, is the great Bay Area rapper E-40, remaking the ubiquitous "Function" into a team anthem that shouts out pretty much every orange-wearing S.F. baseballer you love to be tortured by. Admittedly, "Giants out here tryna win somethin" isn't quite as instantly grippy as "We out here tryna function," but hey, if it brings us a victory in NLCS Game 2 tonight (5 p.m. West Coast time!), you won't hear us complaining.

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