Beyonce's Half-Time Show Was So Rad That the Power Went Out Afterward


How awesome was Beyonce's half time show at the 2013 Superbowl last night? So insanely awesome that she caused a power outage in half the stadium immediately afterwards. Okay, okay, so we don't know if it was her fault, per se, but this thing was definitely explosive. When the lights went out in the Superdome, they should've just stuck her straight back on stage to do the "Crazy in Love" strut again, because we're pretty sure that thing could power a small town if they wired her up correctly.

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Olympics 2012: Underworld and the Chemical Brothers Raise Hopes for Good Music at London Games

Having already established that official Olympics anthems are often tours de merde -- a reality that British maximalists Muse did more than their share to demonstrate with this year's contribution -- we'd all but given up hope for good tunes to soundtrack the sweat, tears, heartbreak, and triumph of the London games.

Let's not fret so soon. Today brings news that this Friday's opening ceremony will be overseen by the formidable audio-visual pairing of film director Danny Boyle and celebrated British electronic duo Underworld, which, hells yes. Boyle likes to use the music of Underworld in his films -- see the instantaneous ubiquity of "Born Slippy" after that awful/amazing Trainspotting toilet scene -- so having him serve as artistic director of the opening ceremony with Underworld music-directing the proceedings raises our eyebrows in a very optimistic direction. Underworld even plans to release Isle of Wonder: Music for the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games on iTunes immediately after the event at midnight July 28, Pitchfork reports. We haven't heard a peep of it, but we'll bet you two bangers and a pint of lager that it'll show those five minutes of Muse cacophony for the awful bit of histrionics they were.

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Hey, Gym-Rat Male Music Fans With Abs, the SF Opera Wants You!

Sculpted abs aren't a terribly common trait among opera stars (big bones mean big lungs mean big voices) -- or music nerds, for that matter -- which might explain why SF Opera is holding an open call for gym-rat males to fill paid stage parts in a production next year. The organization is particularly looking for those with talents in "push-ups, pull-ups, body strength, endurance, hand-over-hand, staged combat, and full-body control," according to a press release.

We don't know what, like, half of that stuff is, but we'll try to explain it more after the jump.

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