So the Kreayshawn and V-Nasty Friendship Looks Over For Now

Talk about White Girl problems.

Lat year, Oakland-via-L.A. rap upstart Kreayshawn had a beef with her friend, lookalike, and White Girl Mob member Lil Debbie. Now, she's feuding with the third Mob member, V-Nasty -- or, more accurately, V-Nasty is going in hard on Kreayshawn. The woman born Vanessa Reece took to Twitter to attack the major-label-signed rapper and (former?) friend, accusing her of not wanting to share fame, lying about her background, and generally being "fake as fuck." Kreayshawn didn't directly reply, but here's a look at V-Nasty's, er, nasty Tweets:

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Hunx and His Punx and the Black Lips Do Battle on Twitter Over Homophobia and the F-Word

@HunxandhisPunx @jonnynono why did you make out with a bigot like me in SF anywaysless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

Late last week, as you were making plans for Pride weekend and living life like a normal person, your favorite garage-rock bands were doing battle on Twitter. Seth Bogart, the Hunx in S.F./Oakland gay-garage outfit Hunx and His Punx, had a steaming battle in the digital ether against a member of Atlanta "flower-punk" group the Black Lips (whom we believe was Jared Swilley). At the core of their dispute? Bisexuality, homophobia, and the word "faggot." Just in case you thought all practitioners of blown-out, hugely basic rock get along, here's startling proof they don't. The back-and-forth lasted for quite a while last Thursday, and ended with the Black Lips swearing off the Bay Area save for a few friends. (Maybe because their last show in S.F. was pretty whatever?) Anyway, for the sake of posterity/choosing sides/our own amusement, we recount the battle of the garage-rock tweets after the jump.

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Hilarious: Local Rappers Erk Tha Jerk and LoveRance Beef on Twitter Days Before They Gig Together

man fuck this nigga @erkthajerk ..ill see you saturday niggga & Congrats on gettin signed to Im Not Gettin Out The Bay Recordsless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Happy summer, everyone: Bay Area rappers (and KMEL Freshman 10 alumni) Erk Tha Jerk and LoveRance had a big ol' beef on Twitter today. Apparently this tiffle has been amusing to a great many of their followers -- and understandably so, given that the rappers are set to perform together in Hayward this weekend. (And who knows, this could be/probably is just a big publicity stunt. But it's a funny one.)

Since even our conflict-averse Bay Area-raised asses love a good Twitter beef, let's tour some of their better barbs. By the way, Erk's new single is "Hands Up," LoveRance's is "Up." This info will come in handy. Here we go -- keep that scorecard nearby:

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Help Odd Future's Tyler the Creator Find the Woman He Wants to Marry

Tweeted by Tyler
You know what Frank said about Saturday night being the loneliest night of the week? Well, it's true even for famous rappers. Observe the Twitter feed of one Tyler Haley, aka Tyler the Creator, figurehead of the notorious L.A. rap collective Odd Future, circa midnight PST on Saturday: Over a series of messages, the 20-year-old tells of his search for Mya, a fashion student whom he met in a Starbucks in New York City (see above). Though apparently lovestruck, it seems Mr. Odd Future has so far failed to reconnect with the object of his affection. Which is too bad --- because, as Tyler informed his roughly 92,000 Twitter followers, he wishes to marry this person. So enraptured is Tyler that he says he even will allow Mya to "Hot Carl" him. (NSFW definition here.) Awwwwwww. Yes, this is love in the Twitter age, folks, and like Odd Future's music, it's blunt and creepy and yet kinda touching at the same time:

Back In October I Met The Girl i Want To Marry. Still Havent Found Her.less than a minute ago via web

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Charlie Sheen, +Verb's 'I Was Banging 7 Gram Rox' Is a Tribute To Your Insanity

"I will murder you violently."
Now this is what we have the Internet for, people. Yeah, we could share scientific research, form closer bonds with diverse peoples across the world, and even play Scrabble with our cousins in the midwest. But the most fun use of the 'tubes is meme-ification -- musical meme-ification being the best kind, of course. So please forgive us for spreading this irresistible electro-bass tribute to Charlie Sheen from producer +verb (pronounced 'adverb'; real name Dominic Tetmyer). Its airplane-crashing low frequencies underpin highlights of the Sheen spiel, most indelibly that line about "seven-gram rocks," from whence comes its title. So yeah, you probably want to hear this. 

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Seven Things You Probably Didn't Know About Green Day Before Billie Joe Armstrong Got Twitter

And my cat really did get caught in the dryer in deadbeat holidayless than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Maybe it wasn't quite a Kanye-level entry, but late last month, Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong tweeted his first tweet from his new, him-only account. "This is my new twitter. I'm losing my fucking mind," is how the Oakland pop-punk star's experience began, and after having his dog eat his phone (really) and praising Social Distortion, Armstrong began rattling off a fascinating, behind-the-scenes look at the old days of Green Day and Bay Area punk in general. In addition to having maybe the best Twitter profile pic ever, Armstrong's tweets are telling bits of nostalgia, regret, trivia, and hilarity. Here are seven of the best. 

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Lil B Records a New Track Called 'Justin Bieber,' Which Was 100% Inevitable

Lil Belieber
Lil B has hoes on his dick because he looks like anyone you could possibly think of. Those of us with Internet addictions know this. But somehow, Justin Bieber has gone unmentioned by the Based God up until now. Which is downright shocking, when you think about it, since both artists have spent the last year being plastered all over blogs, immortalized in Internet memes, and rising up Twitter's trending topics list.

Well, the wait has ended. Bieber can finally take his rightful place next to Ellen Degeneres, Oprah Winfrey, Paris Hilton, God, the Devil, Dr. Phil, and Mel Gibson as one of those lucky enough to get a Lil B song named after them.

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Watch Lil B Explain 'Based' Music, the Cook Dance, and Ellen Degeneres -- On MTV

The Based God on MTV
Last night, rising Berkeley rap sensation Lil B appeared on MTV. If, like me, you follow him on Twitter, this event pretty much dominated your evening. If you don't, well, let's just say B retweeted a stream of silly, profane, and occasionally hilarious comments from pretty much every single person on the planet watching television.

But that's to be expected when Lil B gets his own feature on the MTV's The Vice Guide to Everything. His edition, as you might expect, was called "The Vice Guide to Based Music" -- a phenomenon even Bay Area rap legend Too Short foundered to explain. Lil B, thankfully, proved surprisingly articulate in explaining himself, his music, and his fascination with Miley Cyrus. Witness:

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Today In Girl Talk: A Date Which Will Live in the Opposite of Infamy

Like a shaggy George Washington crossing a Delaware of hipsters

Happy Gregg Gillis Day! Oh, you thought it was Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day? Get with the times, fossil. December 7 is now a holiday devoted to the one-man dynamo of exhaustive intertextuality that is Gregg Gillis, a.k.a. Girl Talk -- at least this year, at least in Pittsburgh, in the bosom of whose Polish Hill neighborhood Mr. Gillis has nestled his multi-tracking, frequently shirtless self. According to Gillis's Twitter feed (via Pitchfork), after an agonizing wait, the resolution sponsored yesterday by PGH City Councilman Bill Peduto was approved today. The system works!

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Berkeley Rapper Lil B Threatens to Rape Kanye West, Rap World Asks if B is Gay

You just never know what might spew out of the keyboard of an online hypester like Berkeley rapper Lil B, who fires off a Tweet approximately once every three seconds. 

But the self-proclaimed "Based God" (and member of the Pack) Tweeted something over the weekend that grabbed a lot more attention than usual. Not because Lil B threatened to force certain sexual acts on Kanye West, but because the offending Tweet reignited the whole pointless debate about whether Lil B is gay.

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