Watch: Oakland's Los Rakas Offer a Chilling Look at the Immigrant Experience in "Sueño Americano"

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That the immigrant experience in the U.S. is not always, or often, what it's cracked up to be -- a fairy tale of moving, hope, hard work, and eventual success of the kind you hear at political party conventions -- is the subject of "Sueño Americano," the new single and video from Oakland's Los Rakas. These two should know. Born in Panama, Raka Rich and Raka Dun take their name from a Panamanian slur used to describe someone from the ghetto. Their latest single, off of today's major-label debut, El Negrito Dun Dun & Ricardo, tells how the hopes of the migrant can so easily be squelched by a system that offers little opportunity and even less concern. "Here, if you want something, you have to find it, and if you don't have work, you have to sin," they sing in Spanish. "'Cause the rent is high, the law is bad -- without papers, you're nothing." The video, directed by the Perez Bros., offers a frightening look at how bad the struggle can get. Watch it below, and read a translation of the lyrics as well. "Sueño Americano" is also the Latin single of the week on iTunes, so you can download it there.

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Map Shows America's Music Tastes By Region -- Can You Guess What San Francisco's Are?

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Another week, another map showing broad generalizations about who in what part of America likes what kind of music. The latest one, created by real estate site Movoto, shows regional preference for certain genres. Guess what San Francisco likes? Well, as with the rest of California, it prefers rock 'n' roll -- at least according to this map. The city-by-city breakdown explains that, while "jazz and EDM showed up much higher on the list of San Francisco favorites than they did in other cities, neither outranked rock and blues." Also popular in S.F., to no one's surprise? "Indie" music, whatever that means.

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Cocktails' Adult Life: S.F. Slop-Poppers Grow Up, But Not Too Much; Hear New Single "Tough Love"

Brian Pritchard
Cocktails are one of our favorites among the younger crop of shambolic S.F. guitar bands. The five-piece appeared last year with an easy-to-love EP on Father/Daughter Records and a couple of effortlessly catchy power-pop singles. We featured them in the paper. Now Cocktails is back with Adult Life, its first album, out June 17 on Father/Daugther. Recorded at Oakland's Fuzz City Studios -- the home base of Warm Soda's Matthew Melton and Rob Good, among others -- Adult Life builds on Cocktails' brand of "slop-pop": The hooks are as sharp, but the overall texture of the sound is just as gauzy and easygoing -- even if some of the lyrics reflect slightly more grown-up concerns. This is all part of Cocktails' charm: This group is not a precisely measured concoction of pricey spirits, but rather a few classic ingredients stirred together over ice. Hear "Tough Love," the first single from the new album, below. The band performs this Friday, April 18, at Rickshaw Stop, April 24 at the Knockout, and May 2 at the Make Out Room.

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Not Dead Yet Fest: The Bay Bridged and Down and Outlaws Present Live Music as a Retort

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"They say the S.F. music scene is dead," reads the poster for a new one-day music festival in June. "Let's prove them wrong." To that end, local music blog the Bay Bridged and S.F. new arrivals the Down and Outlaws are throwing a mini rock festival at Thee Parkside called the Not Dead Yet Fest, with a bill of mostly up-and-coming local acts, including notables like Annie Girl and the Flight, Cellar Doors, and Ash Reiter.

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City Hearing on Improving Late Night Transit Today at 1:30 P.M.

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Is this you?
Complaining about the difficulty of catching Muni late at night, or the fact that BART doesn't run later on the weekends, is about as treasured a pastime around here as the post-party taco stop. But though we love to complain, there may be something we can actually do about it. Today at 1:30 p.m., a cadre of city officials and transit experts will discuss ways to improve late-night transportation, including such topics as:

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Derrick Carter and Bicep Keep Mighty Moving 'Til 5 a.m.

SF Weekly
As You Like It and Honey Soundsystem present Bicep and Derrick Carter
Saturday, April 12, 2014

At what point does a club become a work of art? This question has been on my mind lately, as I've been reading Eric and Jennifer Goode's Area: 1983 - 1987, a retrospective of Area, the famous Manhattan club that served as an interesting meeting point between '80s club culture and the downtown New York art avant-garde. Reading the book has me jealous for a period of time that loosely coincided with my baby years -- Area was a wildly creative space that continually reinterpreted itself through elaborate installations with themes like "suburbia," "boxing," "surrealism," and "gnarly" (which, to give you an idea of the level of detail, apparently featured a speedboat in a swimming pool with a gargoyle driving it). Basically, it was partying as installation art and vice-versa. Today, this kind of thing is fairly rare -- people seem to be okay with less cerebral environments. However, in San Francisco, Honey Soundsystem has explored a similar idea for quite a while now. A good example of this was Saturday at Mighty, where the Honey crew teamed up with As You Like It to transform the Potrero Hill venue into a simulated gym.

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Music Links: 5000 More Songs at Nap's Karaoke, Outside Lands Announces its Lineup, and the James Hetfield Soundboard Goes Android


So, what's your day job? Tim Markus, previously of Or, the Whale, is doing alright for himself as a maker of custom guitar amplifiers. [SFBG]

Interesting profile of parenting while touring as a band on the road, featuring Neil Campau and Ellen Avis of Electrician. [EBX]

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Ringworm on Van Troubles and New Album, Hammer of the Witch

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Scott Schumacher
Ringworm play Thee Parkside on Sunday, April 13.

After 23 years, Ringworm has retained its credibility as a genre-defining powerhouse of hardcore metal through a simple formula: the perverse onslaught of listeners' ears. The Cleveland outfit clobbers through speed-picked, palm-muted riffs -- following in the steps of thrash gods Kreator -- and conjures half-time breakdowns that elicit the hellion mosher in hardcore fans. Vocalist James "Human Furnace" Bulloch spews offensive lyrics like his blood is boiling. Touring behind its latest full-length, Hammer of the Witch, Ringworm is expected to aggravate the audience with tracks like "Bleed" and "Psychic Vampire," along with such classics as "Justice Replaced by Revenge." Ringworm, along with supporting acts Death Before Dishonor, Relentless, and Let It Burn, play Thee Parkside this Sunday, April 13 at 8 p.m. for $10. Bulloch took a break while on the road to speak with SF Weekly about the hardships of touring after 20-plus years in the scene, the new album Hammer of the Witch, and the transition to Relapse Records. Check out their album while you read.

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Grading Last Night's Nirvana Reunion

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Sans Kurt Cobain, the surviving members of Nirvana (bassist Krist Novoselic, drummer Dave Grohl, and guitarist Pat Smear) swore they'd never reunite to play songs from their former group.

Except they did. Last night. Twice.

The first was at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, where the trio was joined by Joan Jett, Lorde, Kim Gordon, and Annie Clark (St. Vincent) for a mini-set that was so awesome you almost forgot it was for the corporate entity. The second was a 19-song secret show at Saint Vitus (also in Brooklyn) where Nirvana was fronted by the aforementioned foursome along with Dinosaur Jr.'s J Mascis and John McCauley from Deer Tick.

At first, you might think a Cobain-less Nirvana is a bad idea, but watch these videos before making judgement because, honestly, last night they fucking ruled. You want to know why? Because Nirvana is one of those bands that can't be covered properly, but, then again, Novoselic, Grohl, and Smear aren't a cover band. They're the real deal, and these videos remind us what Nirvana sounded like -- And in case you forgot, they were pretty good.

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This Week: Cloning John Lennon, Honoring Kurt Cobain, and Giving Dandruff to Country


"If he was here and you asked him to name five of my songs he wouldn't be able to do it. Recently he was like, 'How many albums have you sold?,' and I was like, 'Which album?,' and he was like, 'Oh, you know, that one It's Not Fair About Me.' I was like, 'I haven't got an album called that but thanks.'"
Lily Allen's husband hasn't a clue what she does for a living (Billboard).

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