Happy Halloween! Now Here's 5 Singers You Shouldn't Dress Up As

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It's that magical time of year once again, where the entire nation leaves the house looking ridiculous on purpose! Yay! Occasionally, Halloween costumes based on musicians border on genius -- like Sum 41's Deryck Whibley and his girlfriend Ari Cooper hitting a party a few days ago dressed like Deryck's ex-wife, Avril Lavigne and her new fiance, the ever-hateable Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger. Ballsy, hilarious and quite the statement, we applaud this wholeheartedly. Sadly though, dressing up like most musicians is usually incredibly boring and obvious. Here are some singers you absolutely, positively, should not even think about dressing up as for that party tonight.
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Monday Morning Hangover: Halloween in the Mission, Zombies at Cat Club, Audiopharmacy at Pier 23

San Francisco was overrun by clever costumes this past weekend. SF Weekly hit the city to capture the best Halloween outfits in three different neighborhoods.

In the Mission, photographer Hanna Quevedo shot people dressed as sexy cops, bottles of booze, and the undead.

mission small.jpg
Check out the full Mission slideshow here.

Over at Cat Club, Zombie Morrissey Night encouraged people to either dress like flesh eaters, or dress like the world's loudest vegan. 

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Calibree Photography was there to capture the full spectrum of pale icons. Their Cat Club slideshow is posted here

And over at Pier 23, Masked Madness took over the Audiopharmacy record release party.

Hannah Quevedo's slideshow of the guests' getups is here


Halloween Tricks: The 10 Creepiest Singers of All Time

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For all of America's pretty pop idols, we also have a healthy appreciation for singers who make us really uncomfortable. Who give us the creeps, if you will.

As a special Halloween treat, here are the top ten performers who give us that special form of skeeves:

1. Corey Taylor
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bill from jersey city
The Slipknot frontman is also known as #8. Is that the number of victims he's claimed? His utterly freaky masks, evoking serial killers, would seem to suggest as much.

2. Gene Simmons
kiss wiki small.jpg
The blood-dripping, fire-spitting Simmons hails from the old-guard of Creepville. Some nearly 40 years after KISS first formed, he still reigns supreme with endless bursts of verbal machismo. Not to mention his constant icky wags of that ridiculously long tongue. 

3. R. Kelly
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Nicholas Ballasy
In cockier days, Kelly dubbed himself the "Pied Piper of R&B." He's more like the Wee Willie Winkie of R&B. Since his surprise acquittal on child pornography charges, we hope everyone manages to stay dry from now on.

4. Pete Doherty
pete d wiki small.jpg
This London-based singer's drink and drug intake has rivaled that of his close pal Amy Winehouse. Powder-flecked nostrils and rolling eyeballs has kept the slovenly Doherty in the British tabloids, which we wouldn't mind so much if he didn't come off as a narcissistic ass. The name of his band says it all: Babyshambles.

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Halloween Clips: The Ten Scariest Music Videos of All Time

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1. Alice Cooper - "Welcome To My Nightmare"

You can't have Halloween without Alice Cooper. From his decapitation-happy live shows to his self-mocking sense of humor, he's rock's king demon. (Sorry, Marilyn--we know how hard you try.) But was Cooper ever better than when accompanied by the Muppets?

2. Cannibal Corpse - "Death Walking Terror"

Cannibal Corpse sometimes takes its gore-besotted schtick so far over the top that it becomes comical. We suspect that's why Jim Carrey put the band in the first Ace Ventura movie. But Corpse's own videos, particularly in recent years, are like mini-horror movies, directed and edited with a surprising intensity. Check out "Make Them Suffer," or "Evisceration Plague," from the 2009 album of the same name, on your own. Our pick is "Death Walking Terror," a tale of hallucinations and murder, from 2007's Kill.

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The Best of the Bay's 'Costume Rock' Bands

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The Residents
Because San Franciscans love nothing if not the excuse to dress up, Halloween is the perfect time to delve into our long history of bands in creative uniform--otherwise known by the pros as 'costume rock.' I mean, really, a little gimmick can go a long way on stage.

In this week's issue, I listed my favorite picks for the Bay Area's most unusually-dressed acts. The piece is a rundown of local notables dressed as everything from ye olde saviors (Knights of the New Crusade) to purple monsters (Mochipet) and giant eyeballs (the Residents, of course). Included here are both the acts no longer with us (R.I.P. Pink and Brown) and those who still suit up to this day (The Grannies).

Check out our slideshow of local musicians for whom every day is Halloween, and add any acts I've missed (along with links to their Web sites) in the comments section below. 

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