The Muppets' Five Weirdest Musical Collaborations

This Friday!
Rejoice, puppet freaks (and pretty much everyone over the age of 30, whose childhood memories are inevitably intertwined with The Muppet Show), for this Friday, the new Muppet movie comes out! Muppets Most Wanted has Tina Fey and Ricky Gervais, so it's bound to be good, but the Muppets have a long and rich history of rubbing shoulders with awesome humans, especially those of the musical persuasion. To celebrate, here are five of the weirdest musical collaborations in Muppet history.

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You Should Listen to This Chest-Thumping Remix of The Wolf of Wall Street

Categories: Film, Silliness

Thump on
Cocaine! Hookers! Matthew McConaughey pumping his chest in a fancy restaurant! There were many indulgences in The Wolf of Wall Street -- and now we have one more. The folks at Eclectic Method have gone and remixed McConaughey and DiCaprio's famous chest-thumping scene into a full-on electro banger, complete with sampled DiCaprio shouts of inspiration and tons of blow-sniffing. It is corrupt and terrible and hilarious and awesome, just like the movie it's based on. Here, via Filmdrunk, is the song you'll find yourself mercilessly addicted to today:

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Watch Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix in the First Clip From All Is By My Side

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It's a big year for OutKast: the group is reuniting for the festival circuit, and working on two solo albums; meanwhile, Andre 3000 is appearing as the star in new Jimi Hendrix biopic All Is By My Side. As SPIN reports, that film is headed to South By Southwest, which means we finally have a clip to watch. Here's a minute and 20 seconds of Andre as Jimi talking to Imogen Poots (playing model and rockstar love interest Linda Keith) about the upcoming Monterey Pop Festival. Man, we cannot wait to see this movie:

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A Folk Singer on What Inside Llewyn Davis Gets Wrong About Music


[Editor's Note: Mark Matos is a folk and rock musician based in San Francisco and the leader of Mark Matos and Os Beaches. His gathering of friends and collaborators are performing as Americalia Monday nights in January at the Elbo Room.]

The Coen Brothers new film, Inside Llewyn Davis, is set in the pre-Dylan Greenwich Village folk scene of 1961, with characters loosely based on under-appreciated folk heroes like Tom Paxton, Ramblin' Jack Elliot, and Dave Van Ronk, sporting a screenplay inspired by the memoir of Van Ronk. It's an homage to the scene that brought Dylan east, to the colorful characters chronicled in Dylan's own biography (as well as David Hajdu's Positively 4th Street), to the Gaslight Theater and Folkways Records. I founded the Family Folk Explosion project back in 2011 as a way of re-connecting the rock 'n' roll tradition to its folk music roots. Naturally, I was excited to see what the Coen Brothers would do with such a rich moment in American music. With a folk musician as protagonist, what story would they tell?

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Flaming Lips Doc A Beautiful Fucking Experience Screening After Halloween Concert

Categories: Film

What to expect in both places.
It's Halloween night, aka tomorrow night, and you've just seen the Flaming Lips play a massive spectacle at Bill Graham Civic with Tame Impala. What do you do next?

Well, in lieu of going to a bar or whatever, you could head to the Roxie Theater, which is screening a new documentary about the Flaming Lips' bid last year to break the Guinness world record for most concerts performed in multiple cities in a 24-hour period. Yep, really. You could do that.

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Metallica's Through The Never Fizzles at the Box Office

Categories: Film, Metal

Dane DeHaan plays a Metallica roadie in the band's new film.
Looks like the movie-going world just wasn't dying for a hybrid concert film and dysotpian sci-fi adventure starring the Bay Area's biggest metal band. An $18 million project financed by the members of Metallica themselves, Through the Never has brought in just $3.2 million in box office receipts over three weekends, according to reports today. For some contrasts that Metallica fans will hate, consider that One Direction's film has brought in $30 million so far, while Katy Perry's grossed roughly $25 million.

See also: Metallica's Through The Never: We Interview the Band's Real-Life Roadie To See How the Film Compares

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Metallica's Kirk Hammett To Host Horror Movie Benefit at Balboa Theatre

Kirk Hammett photo by Sugarwolf
Kirk Hammett, Metallica lead guitarist and obsessive horror film collector/expert, is also a San Francisco native. Next month, he's hosting an event that will meld two of those biographical points -- horror and cinema in San Francisco -- when he presides over a double-feature of vintage horror flicks at the Balboa Theatre that's a benefit for small-screen film houses citywide.

See also: Keeping Death: Kirk Hammett's House of Horrors

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Broadway Idiot, Film About Billie Joe's Conversion to Musical Star, Is Coming to S.F.

Categories: Film

Billie Joe making his Broadway debut.
Update: Billie Joe Armstrong himself will be appearing at the Vogue Theatre in S.F. tonight, Oct. 18, to introduce the 7 p.m. showing of Broadway Idiot. More info here.

Original post: It's a completely reasonable question: How did Billie Joe Armstrong go from grimy 924 Gilman denizen, to world-famous rock-star, to a dude who wears make up and sings in a Broadway musical?

That's the question answered by Broadway Idiot, a new documentary about the making of Green Day's American Idiot Broadway show that's coming to S.F. this month.

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Metallica's James Hetfield Is Coming to Bay Area Showings of Through The Never

Categories: Film

Christopher Victorio
Metallica at the S.F. premiere of Through The Never
Last week, all four members of Metallica showed up to the official premiere of Through The Never, Metallica's hybrid concert film/sci-fi thriller, at the Metreon in San Francisco. Later this week, regular audiences will get a chance encounter some real-life Metallica members at the film, too. On Thursday and Friday, as part of a nationwide celebration of their new movie, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, Robert Trujillo, and James Hetfield will be introducing the film at theaters around the country -- including right here in the Bay Area.

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Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me: The Definitive Account of a Brilliant Band's Tragic Failure

Categories: Film

The members of Big Star
The three albums Big Star cut in the early '70s at Ardent Studios in Memphis, Tennessee were resounding commercial failures, but the rock group's output nonetheless infiltrated independent music over the next two decades. Big Star albums were traded like coveted club memberships between discerning musicians, including the members of the Jesus and Mary Chain, Michael Stipe, Matthew Sweet, and countless others. By the mid-'80s, such disparate groups as Primal Scream and the Replacements had publicly extolled the lost Memphis group's genius.

Over the last 10 years, exhaustive archival campaigns and the death of bandleader Alex Chilton boosted Big Star's profile to its proper place as a group of inimitable and indelible songwriters. So it's appropriate that Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me, the definitive documentary on Big Star's trudge back from obscurity, begins with English songwriter Robyn Hitchcock declaring that "Big Star is like a letter posted in 1971 that arrived in 1985." His one-liner at once alludes to the band's tragic history and anticipates the artful way Nothing Can Hurt Me -- which opens at the Roxie Theater tonight -- shows how a once-lost band eventually found bittersweet vindication.

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