Craigslist Post Seeks Coachella Boyfriends: Mostly Normal, Good at Beer Pong, and No "Whiney Ass Bitch Music"

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Christopher Victorio
Pink shorts optional.
Hey all you tall, normal, Coachella weekend-one-ticket-holding bros in San Francisco! Do you need a stand-in girlfriend or two for the weekend of April 11-13? Do you embrace morning day-drinking? Are over 24? Able to carry a female human on your shoulders?

Then let us draw your attention to this Craigslist post, which not-so-humbly requests "2 males interested in spending part of their Coachella experience with 2 fun-loving girls." Here are some of the specifications you must meet:

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Top 10 Signs You Did Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Wrong

Christopher Victorio
Are these people doing HSB right or doing it wrong? We're honestly not sure.
Ah music festivals. Doing them the right way is smart. Doing them the wrong way is hilarious -- for everyone else. This year we spent a good deal of time and energy offering positive advice on how to do Hardly Strictly. So here, in less-than-total seriousness, are 10 signs you did Hardly Strictly Bluegrass poorly. All photos by Christopher Victorio.

See our sideshows from HSB '13: The Faces of Hardly Strictly | The Dogs of Hardly Strictly

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Apologetic Morrissey Announces Month-Long S.F. Residency, With Ticket Insurance

Perhaps, as Morrissey once sang, "Sorry Doesn't Help" -- but the singer is going to try anyway. Acknowledging for the first time the six Bay Area concerts he's cancelled in a row, Morrissey today announced plans for a month-long live residency in San Francisco this summer.

"Dear San Francisco, I'm sorry ... I'm feeling better, and I'll do my best to play for you this time," the England-born, Los Angeles-based former Smiths singer said in a statement, alluding to his recent health problems. "We shall be together for a whole month -- as long as you keep the smell of burning animals away."

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Hella Weights: Ask a Metal Dad, with Brian Posehn!


When you think of the No. 1 metal comedy dad, one name usually comes to mind: Jimmy "James" Hetfield. But comedian Brian Posehn comes in at a close second. We first came to know Brian from the HBO cult sketch comedy Mr. Show. He has since blown the fuck up, appearing in things like The Sarah Silverman Program and The Comedians Of Comedy, writing for Marvel Comics and directing and appearing in videos for bands like Red Fang and Steel Panther. We caught up with BriPo, a native of NorCal and father of a 4-year-old son, to talk metal and ask him some fatherly advice in anticipation of his stand-up appearances at Cobb's Comedy Club, April 11-14.

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Dave Chappelle Announces Three More Shows This Week, at the Chapel

Categories: Comedy

Update, 12:26 p.m.: And, as expected, the shows are all sold-out.

Original post: Fresh from his Monday night appearance at the Independent, Dave Chappelle is putting on three more shows in San Francisco this week, all of them at plush new Mission venue the Chapel. He'll be there tonight, March 27, for an 11:30 p.m. show. Tomorrow, Thursday, March 28, Chappelle will perform at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m.

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Bobby Joe Ebola Laments the Indignities of Dog Shit in "Blues Turn Brown"

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Recession stories: Many people have 'em, and some are worse than others. Here's one from local funnymen Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits about the sad, shitty things one must do to make rent. Shitty, like, literally: "Blues Turn Brown" finds Mr. Ebola rather depressed by the piles of mutt feces whose removal has now become his occupation. The video finds the bandmembers working in a grocery store, contemplating theft, and impersonating elderly ladies in order to poach a bottle of wine. It's pretty funny. And it's catchy enough that you might find yourself humming about "scooping up dog shit from my uncle's lawn" for a good portion of the day. Also, it has dogs -- lots of dogs:

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R. Kelly Previews New Music, Remains Completely Hilarious

Categories: Comedy
R Kelly.jpg

Remember when Dave Chappelle did his "(I Wanna) Pee On You" skit? The one that provided us all with huge laughs at the expense of R. Kelly, after the singer was accused of peeing on, and having sex with, an underage girl? "Pee On You" was one of Chappelle's most memorable and brilliant moments, but these days, R. Kelly doesn't need comedians impersonating him to make us laugh -- he's probably the most hilarious guy in music. The truly perplexing thing about this, though, is that it's not clear whether he's being so funny on purpose or not.

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Meet the Taco-Loving Creator of That Funny Kreayfish "Fishy Fishy" Kreayshawn Parody

Categories: Comedy, Silliness


Instead of ragging on high-end fashion labels, what if Kreayshawn's "Gucci Gucci" was about loving fish tacos?

Comedy students Jeremy Burke and Will Reese took that weird question and turned it into an exacting -- and funny -- video parody of the Oakland-via-L.A. rapper's breakout single. The "Fishy Fishy" clip, credited to a Natassia Zolot-lookalike named Kreayfish, went live on YouTube last Thursday and has since racked up more than a quarter-million views. It was featured on World Star Hip-Hop, Funny or Die, and of course, this blog.

Disguised as a parody, "Fishy Fishy" is also a comedic appreciation for the food of Best Fish Taco in Ensenada, a "low-key" favorite of Burke's in L.A.'s Los Feliz neighborhood. The idea for the clip was suggested by his friend, Will Reese, who helped with writing the lyrics and directing the video. From the beginning, their idea was to stick as close to the original "Gucci Gucci" as possible. It helped that Reese's roomate, Richard Figone -- the guy who plays Lil Debbie in the video -- made a beat that sounds remarkably similar to the song's quasi-dubstep backing track.

From there, Burke says, "I printed out her lyrics and pretty much dissected [them] syllable for syllable. I wanted everything to be the same rhyme scheme, almost to the point where our lyrics could rhyme with her lyrics."

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Balls Cost Money: Donate To Local Comedians Killing My Lobster

Categories: Comedy

This just in: a (kind of) impassioned plea from a burrito, a snowwoman, a BLT, and more to reach out this holiday season by donating money to support local sketch comedy troupe Killing My Lobster, which is hurtling hilariously toward its fourteenth season as a relief organization: "relief in the form of laughter. Relief in the form of jobs for local artists and classes for writers and comedians looking to hone their craft." Also relief in the form of telling like it is about the foibles of our fair city, including coffee snobbery and the siren call of the East Bay and how every would-be parking spot is a goddamn driveway.

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Would You Pay $250 To Meet John Waters?

Categories: Comedy
$250 to meet this guy? Is that a dirty shame?
Well, here's your chance. The Pope of Trash is doing his one-man "A John Waters Xmas" comedy show as a fundraiser for the Mission's newly nonprofit Roxie Theater on Dec. 11.

You'll need two Benjamin Franklins and a Ulysses Grant ($250) to get inside, but the night will be more like a party than a formal show -- "or it wouldn't be so expensive," says publicist Karen Larsen.

"I don't know whether they got that figure out of the air -- but I guess because John is so funny, and it will be such a rare event, they thought people would be willing to pay that much to come," she says.

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