Big Boi's Day in the Bay: Apple, Twitter, and Popeye's Chicken

Big Boi at Twitter HQ
Daddy Fat Sacks, aka Big Boi, aka one-half of OutKast, was in the Bay Area yesterday -- and because the Bay Area is what it is, we can pretty much follow his day on Twitter. In fact it looks like the occasion for Mr. Patton's visit was a pair of visits to two Bay Area tech giants: Apple first, for which he played a private showcase at Silicon Valley Athletic Club. Then to Twitter in S.F., where the Atlanta rapper gave a talk and discussed his new album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumours, which is out Dec. 12.

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David Byrne Spotted -- But Not Photographed -- Hanging Out in the Mission

Christopher Victorio
"Tomorrow, I shall go to the pirate store at 826 Valencia": David Byrne on Monday night at the Orpheum.
It's always fun to see where musical celebrities will venture in San Francisco. After a fantastic show with young collaborator Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent) at the Orpheum Theatre on Monday night, Talking Heads frontman David Byrne apparently spent much of Tuesday hanging out around the Mission and Bernal Heights, killing time before his evening talk at City Arts and Lectures.

Byrne was spotted by several sources, as the ever-vigilant Bernalwood recounted today. He apparently wasn't photographed, but there are enough credible sources reporting this that we're just going to ignore the usual "pics or it didn't happen" rule. First to Tweet about it was NYT Magazine contributer Jon Mooallem, who said he saw Byrne on Bernal Hill's Cortland Avenue.

See also:
* David Byrne and St. Vincent Take Love This Giant to New Heights at the Orpheum, 10/15/12

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Coldplay Is Here in S.F.: Shots From the Band's Tour Around the City

Chris Martin and guitarist Johnny Buckland taking the ultimate tourist pose
The members of Coldplay have been Twit Pic-ing their way around San Francisco since last Sunday, according to the band's Twitter. They're playing at the HP Pavilion tonight and tomorrow night, and last we checked on Ticketmaster, tickets aren't sold out yet.

But if you really want to have an encounter with Mr. Gwyneth Paltrow and his chaps, you might just want to hang out around town..

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Don't Be Fooled By Oakland's Alan Young -- Here's a Guide to the Motown Stars He Impersonates

Bittersweet indeed.
As you may have heard, there's been a rash of misdemeanorly winings and dinings going on about town lately -- well, for the last couple of decades -- at the hands of one Alan Young, an Oakland sanitation worker with a knack for passing himself off as various Motown luminaries for long enough to be shown a good time by people who haven't been keeping up to date on what the Motown luminaries in question look like. This time around he was caught claiming to be Lamont Dozier, on whom more in a moment. The time before that, it was Cornelius Grant ("the unsung Temptation"), but according to this East Bay Express piece from 2002 (2002!), there's been a long line of ideally vague-faced black gentlemen of a certain age: 

Young had also passed himself off as one-time Temptations lead singer Ali "Ollie" Woodson, jazz bassist Marcus Miller, and vocalist James Alexander of funk group the Bar-Kays. Even under his own name, Young has played the celebrity con game claiming -- sometimes simultaneously -- to be the son of jazz drummer Lester Young, a musical affiliate and close friend of R&B crooner Luther Vandross, an arranger for jazz singer Nancy Wilson, an associate of Miles Davis, and the head of a fictitious production company.

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Holy Crap! Lady Gaga Ate at Rosamunde in the Mission!

Mission Mission gets all the credit for this amazing photo.
Lady Gaga, we get it. Rosamunde rules. We're partial to the O.G. location in Lower Haight, but hey, if you want to roll through the new shmancy location in the Mission, that's cool with us. We'd be hungry too if we put on mind-bending shows like you do.

Nope, we're not kidding. And wow, it says a lot about Lady Gaga (or maybe about Mission-dwelling San Franciscans) that she can chomp sausages in public and not get recognized.

Mission Mission has the full report:

The pop sensation was in a playful mood, possibly due to imbibing several signature beverages along with her bratwurst [ed. we actually don't know what kind of meat she was eating, but we could ask if you care enough]. She was with her "boyfriend" who also kept reminding her that they had dinner reservations at 7pm at some fancy restaurant downtown.

We have no idea why Gaga insisted on a sausage right before dinner, or how no one thought to snap a picture of her during the duration of her stay. For what it's worth, only one member of the staff recognized her at all, with one coworker for instance simply dismissing her as just another "professional."
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