Train Priced Out of San Francisco; Prepping New Album, Save Me, Oakland

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Audrey Fukuman
Amid so much talk about what's happening to music in booming San Francisco -- including an SF Weekly-presented panel on that very issue tonight -- we've just heard about another band's exodus from the city scene.

Yes, folks, Train is going to Oakland.

The group that once implored "Save Me, San Francisco" in an album and hit song today announced plans for a new release entitled Save Me, Oakland. Apparently, even dominating adult contemporary and pop radio with beige singles like "Drops of Jupiter" and "Hey, Soul Sister" doesn't pay enough to cover San Francisco rent anymore.

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Vans Stolen! Austin's Boyfrndz and S.F.'s Waters Both Looking for Tour Vehicles Purloined Here

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Have you seen this van?
This week we've heard reports of two bands whose tour vans were stolen in San Francisco. Today comes sad news from Austin psych act Boyfrndz, whose van, cargo trailer, and entire stash of gear were stolen between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m. this morning in the area of 1501 Grove St. (between Baker and Lyon).

The band is now accepting online donations on its website, and anyone who donates $5 or more gets a free download of the band's new album, Breeder. (Which you can also stream on the A.V. Club.) Obviously, though, Boyfrndz are hoping to get its van and trailer and gear back in toto. A full list of the stolen items is below; you can contact the band at

Also this week, S.F.'s own Waters saw the theft of their green Ford E-350 in the Potrero Hill area. The license plate is 5EAP122. If you see something, say something on the Waters Facebook page or contact their management.

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Tiësto Cancels Shows After Knocking Himself Out in San Jose

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Tiësto, the Dutch DJ and EDM titan, was sent to a San Jose hospital Friday after hitting his head on the LCD screen above the stage where he was performing at the Electric Bounce House concert.

The DJ apparently banged his head against the screen as he began performing at the SAP Center in San Jose. The impact knocked him off his feet. Tiësto then tried to perform anyway, but his management wouldn't let him, according to TMZ.

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OutKast at Outside Lands Is Looking Pretty Unlikely

Many of us had hoped, with Atlanta hip-hop duo OutKast reuniting for some 40 festival dates this year, that San Francisco's Outside Lands would be one of them. After all, why should Coachella be the only major California festival to get an OutKast performance?

As of today, though, OutKast has announced half of those festival dates. And unfortunately, they don't look encouraging for an Outside Lands appearance.

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Ke$ha Goes to Rehab for an Eating Disorder, Confirming the Wrongness of Our Body-Image Expectations

Categories: Bummer

Shock washed over the glitter-covered youth of America this week when news broke that Ke$ha was heading to rehab for an eating disorder. It was impossible not to notice that she'd lost a significant amount of weight last November, when the video for "Timber" -- her track with Pitbull -- came out and showed her displaying a washboard belly that looked distinctly like it hadn't been fed beer in a long while. Confirmation that something's wrong makes us very sad, indeed -- after all, Ke$ha's the one lady pop-star out there who's supposed to be immune to this nonsense.

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Thee Oh Sees, Deans of the S.F. Rock Scene, Are Going on Indefinite Hiatus [UPDATED]

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Christopher Victorio
Thee Oh Sees' John Dwyer performing at Phono Del Sol in July.
Update, Dec. 20: Thee Oh Sees have posted a note to their website saying that they are "not breaking up," just going through a "transitional period," that they will release a new LP in early 2014, and that "we will see where the live show goes from there." Read it below:

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Lostprophets Frontman Pleads Guilty to Child Sex Offenses: An Ex-Friend Wonders How She Didn't See It Coming

Categories: Bummer


This is Ian Watkins. Until he was arrested almost a year ago on charges related to the sexual abuse of minors, Ian Watkins sang for a band called Lostprophets. The British rockers weren't particularly well-known in the U.S., but they had an enormous fan-base elsewhere; they sold more than 3.5 million albums over the course of their career, selling out stadiums all over the world.

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Tricky Cancels Treasure Island Appearance; Danny Brown To Replace Him

He's coming.
Tricky has postponed a number of U.S. tour dates due to visa issues, including his set at Treasure Island Music Festival this weekend. So it's sigh, sigh, for the Massive Attack/English rap maven, but this post is not all bad news. Replacing him on the TI bill is none other than Detroit madman and notorious performer Danny Brown, who is riding high on -- well, on marijuana, because he's Danny Brown and he smokes marijuana a lot -- but also on the nice things certain people have said about an album he released last week.

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Red Devil Lounge To Close, Shrinking Live Music Options on Polk Street

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Inside Red Devil Lounge
The Red Devil Lounge, a roughly 18-year-old live music club on Polk Street, is closing at the end of this year to make room for -- yep, you guessed it -- another craft cocktail bar. That's via Inside Scoop, which reports that owner Jay Siegan will focus on promoting shows at other venues like DNA Lounge and Cafe Du Nord.

Red Devil Lounge has long occupied an odd niche in the city's live music scene, booking a mix of cover bands, lesser-known artists, and a once-in-a-while big name like Nikka Costa or KRS-One. It wasn't one of the city's most important clubs, though its loss, along with the passing of Kimo's, continues the evolution of Polk Street from a gay haven to a weirdo oasis to a place where (mostly) straight people go to get drunk and meet other (mostly) straight people. And it furthers the evolution of San Francisco from a place with plenty of small stages for artists of all stripes to strut their stuff into a playground for the young and spendy.

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Five Reasons Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" Video Makes Us More Uncomfortable Than Her VMAs Performance

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A couple of weeks ago the world was up in arms over Miley Cyrus' VMAs performance. All that tongue-wagging, crotch-rubbing, nude-bikini-wearing stuff seemed to alarm the fuck out of a great many people. We understand why, of course, but we couldn't -- and can't -- fathom why it was such a huge surprise. Anyone who'd seen the video for "We Can't Stop" beforehand (and it has been viewed on YouTube more than 187 million times at this point) would see that MTV's stage was just used as an extension of that already-very-popular clip. And, aside from the obvious cultural appropriation problems, and poor execution of the twerk, we rather liked that video.

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