Darlene Love, Star of Oscar-Winning 20 Feet From Stardom, Is Performing at Stern Grove This Summer

Darlene Love at the Oscars
Maybe you remember this moment from the Oscars on Sunday: After 20 Feet From Stardom, a documentary about backup singers, won the award for Best Documentary, a few of the people behind the movie went onstage to give their thank-you speeches. At the end of it, singer and star of the film Darlene Love belted -- yes, we mean belted -- a few lines from the gospel hymn, "His Eye is on the Sparrow" out to the Oscar crowd. It was incredible. Love, a long-struggling 72-year-old singer from Southern California, made one of the long ceremony's most memorable moments, and earned a standing ovation from the crowd.

Maybe she'll get one in S.F. this summer too. As it turns out, Love is performing at Stern Grove on Aug. 10.

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The Nitey Awards: S.F. Nightlife Leaders Celebrate Each Other in a Boozy Party at the Castro Theatre

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Last night, the folks in charge of San Francisco's nightlife industry gathered at the Castro Theatre for the Nitey Awards -- their unrepentantly profane, leather-daddy-and-drag-queen-filled, heavily intoxicated version of the Oscars.

In an atmosphere thick with glossy dance music and heavy with the smell of buttered popcorn, the awards -- overseen by Entertainment Commissioners Jocelyn Kane, Audrey Joseph, and event producer Negar Siadatnejad, distributed awards in 23 categories for the awards' second annual edition. All of them were judged by "industry professionals" during visits to the nominated places. Hosts Michelle Meow of Swirl Radio and Liam Mayclem of CBS 5 introduced the awards in a ceremony that lasted more than two hours, in no small part due to the popularity of cocktail jokes among presenters. One highlight was hearing S.F. Police Chief Greg Suhr expound on his and his officers' love of Irish bars -- and tell Mayclem (an Brit Irishman who speaks with an English accent) that his feigned actual (our mistake) Irishness was "bullshit." (Everyone cheered.)

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The Five Best Moments From Last Night's Grammy Awards


Last night was the 56th Annual Grammy Awards: Three and a half hours of back-slapping and ass-kissing and sparkly outfits and singing and stuff. We sat through the entire thing so you wouldn't have to. These were the most outstanding moments of the evening.

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No, It's Completely Absurd That MTV Gives Awards For Music Videos But Doesn't Air Any

Signifying nothing.
So here is Slate economics blogger Matthew Yglesias explaining why it makes sense for MTV to hold a ceremony called the Video Music Awards, even though MTV doesn't play music videos:

Realizing that people would watch a music video channel is hard. Starting a music video channel is easy. And once your music video channel is succeeding, the idea isn't proprietary anymore. If you insist on continuing to fill your network with easily replicable commodity content, you'll end up facing ruinous competition. So a smart network does exactly what MTV's done over the years. You take your audience demographics and your programming niche and you try to build more original less commoditized content around it.
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The 2013 MTV VMAs: A Timeline of Egomania

Categories: Awards

MTV, the music video channel that doesn't play any music videos, held the 30th edition of its annual Video Music Awards last night, honoring many of pop music's biggest names. Here's our minute-by-minute recap of the 2013 VMAs:

0:01: Close up on Lady Gaga's face singing about the fact that "It's showtime" (insert falsetto here). She is wearing a postmodern interpretation of the flying nun's habit.

0:02: Wait, no she isn't. She just changed outfits. Twice.

0:04: Holy shit! Gaga's just emerged in her third wig, wearing a precarious seashell bra and thong, and dancing dangerously vigorously.

0:05: No nip-slips. It's a minor miracle.

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The 2013 Grammy Awards: Few Surprises, Lots of Drudgery, a Little Fun.

The Grammy Awards are dull and insipid every year, but at least for the last two years the Recording Academy managed a few surprises: In 2011, Arcade Fire won Album of the Year, providing a climactic reality-check for thousands of indie partisans; in 2012, the awards attempted to both grapple with the EDM boom and mend a fraught relationship with hip-hop ... before ultimately handing the whole thing over to a stage full of men with guitars. But, having tried to gain (or feign) relevance and failed, at least those Grammy Awards failed rather spectacularly.

By contrast, the 55th Grammy Awards last night proved both incompetent and exceedingly dull -- light on surprises, innovations, and blatant hypocrisy. It was a night of playing it safe, and it was about as fun as, well, fun., the excellent-but-not-terribly-exciting pop-rock outfit that walked away with the awards for Best New Artist and Song of the Year.

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Vote for Lil B To Perform at the Grammys -- It's Not Like He Could Make Them Worse

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It could happen... maybe.
The Grammy Awards will happen Feb. 10, and since just about anybody can get themselves nominated, the Recording Academy of America has opened up the live performance roster, too. Its new "The Gig of a Lifetime" contest offers a chance for one lucky artist to perform in front of an actual live audience during the three days of Grammy-related events leading up to the actual televised awards ceremony.

There are hundreds of nominees vying for your votes on Facebook, most of them pretty tepid. One, however, stands apart: Berkeley rapper/mischief-maker/performance artist/college lecturer Lil B.

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Lil B

2012 MTV Video Music Awards: The 10 Lost Categories

Categories: Awards

Best Stage Diver: Taylor Swift.
The MTV Video Music Awards is an annual occasion for thrill and intrigue. An arena for a slutty young Madonna to writhe around the ground in a wedding dress, or even for a slutty old Madonna to French kiss a couple of aging pop tartlets. A place for pyro and pasties and grand interruptions -- I'mma let you finish, but Beyoncé had the greatest video of all time.

Alas, nothing much like that happened at this year's show, even though Taylor Swift did stage dive for the finale, yo. She's edgy.

The show was largely snoozeworthy, and you will be handsomely rewarded for conveniently forgetting to watch this year. However: We managed to dig up the lost categories and winners that didn't make it to the broadcast, and present them here for your consideration without product placement. Note that it wasn't just the token EDM category that got screwed over and left un-aired.

Best Private Moment of Shade Made Public

As Drake and Lil Wayne make their way to the stage to collect the award for Best Rap Video, the camera cuts to an angelic Rihanna, clad in white, who is chatting with her friend Katy Perry. Now, we're no miracle lip readers, but she seems to distinctly say, "these assholes."

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The Grammys: A Timeline of Madness and Misery

Categories: Awards
The 54th Annual Grammy Awards happened yesterday. Which we're sure you know already. If you missed it, however, you may have missed some of the weirdest details. So here, for your convenience, is a timeline of events. Get comfortable, 'cause this thing was a three-and-a-half-hour carnival of absurdity. Let's relive it.


0:01: Bruce Springsteen opens the show with "We Take Care of Our Own." Because he's still The Boss. Some people later complain that he shouts "America, are you alive out there?," given what happened to Whitney Houston yesterday. Those people are stupid (he shouts that all the time).

0:04 Fergie is visible cheering and yelling "The Boss!" This is like the time she wore a Black Flag T-shirt. Stop ruining everything, Fergie. Man, you suck.

0:05 "We've had a death in our family," notes LL Cool J before saying a prayer for Whitney. Oh no. This Grammys is going to be a total bum-out. Lady Gaga looks like she's crying beneath that remarkably appropriate black veil of hers.

0:07 Clip of Whitney belting out "I Will Always Love You." Oh no. This Grammy's is definitely going to be a total bum-out.

0:09 LL Cool J makes Adele totally uncomfortable.

0:10 Katie Perry's got a handsome man sitting next to her. We miss Russell Brand.

0:11 Bruno Mars performs. We have a sneaking suspicion that he and Janelle Monae are the same person.

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Guess What Beatles Song the Flaming Lips Will Play in Tribute to Steve Jobs

The Flaming Lips

The O Music Awards -- MTV's online-streaming attempt to honor the world where music in 2011 lives and dies -- are Monday. Did you previously care? No? Well perhaps you will upon hearing that the Flaming Lips will pay a heartfelt tribute to Steve Jobs in the form of a Beatles cover.

The real question, however, is: What Beatles song will the Flaming Lips pick to honor the deceased Apple founder? And we have the answer after the jump...

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