How L.A.'s Jurassic 5 Helped Catalyze a Hip-Hop Scene in S.F.

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Jurassic 5 perform Friday, July 11, at the Greek Theatre.
From the latest SF Weekly:

Jurassic 5: If, at some point, future musicologists ever seek to unearth a dense concentration of Bay Area hip-hop culture, they'd have to look no further than a typical Jurassic 5 show at the Justice League in the late '90s.

Openers would include the Beat Junkies, Dilated Peoples, Blackalicious, or Latyrx (with a relatively unknown DJ named Z-Trip filling in on the 1200s for the night). Cut Chemist would be selling Brainfreeze CDs out of a duffel bag for $20 each at the back of the club, Gift of Gab would be handing out promo cassettes of snippets from Blackalicious' upcoming debut LP Nia, and Mark Herlihy might be passing out flyers for his next Future Primitive Soundsession. Graffiti artist Doze Green could be polishing off a large-scale mural live on stage while DJ Shadow lurked in the corner... [continue reading]

Alexi Glickman, aka Sandy's.
Sandy's: Alexi Glickman always looked down on nonstandard ways of tuning the guitar, seeing them as a kind of cheating. But sometime around 2010, Glickman needed all the help he could get. His band the Botticellis, composed of many longtime friends, had splintered after one acclaimed album. He'd lost a romantic relationship. He was adrift, living in the Sunset, working with friends' projects as a half-hearted way to stay in music, unsure of his own efforts, even questioning his sanity.

Then Glickman started messing around with his guitar's six tuning pegs. And what he arrived at -- basically a D-major open-tuning "with a couple of extra dealie-bobs" -- let the ideas inside of him flow out. "It opened up this whole sound that was not possible in standard tuning, which I'm going to call dreamy and lush and sad," Glickman explains. "I was able to write these songs that I'd been wanting to write for a while, I just didn't know how to access [them]" ... [continue reading]

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Jim Yu
Jim Yu

Brainfreeze set is always a fun trip down memory lane.

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