Oakland's Stranded Records Plans "Residents Day" To Celebrate Local Experimentalists

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Cryptic Corporation
The Residents
The Residents stand alone among experimental Bay Area art/music/video mischief-makers. This, after all, is the band (collective? conglomerate?) that recently put its entire discography inside a (working) refrigerator and sold it (inside the working refrigerator) for $100,000. Local archival label Superior Viaduct, which has reissued a couple of Residents releases lately, hopes to gather local devotees and turn a new generation on to the outfit's mysteries with an in-person celebration of the Residents on Saturday, July 5. The party goes down at Stranded Records, Superior Viaduct's local retail outlet on Telegraph in Oakland, and will feature:

The Residents' Santa Dog debut EP

  • Fresh 2x-7-inch Superior Viaduct reissues of Santa Dog, the Residents' 1972 debut EP, given away FREE.

  • An expanded version of the 1983 compilation Residue.

  • Screenings of rare Residents films, costume-wearing Residents fans, and merch marking the first-ever event.

  • The presence of a rep from the Residents' Cryptic Corporation (use your imagination).

This, again, all takes place on Saturday, July 5, at Stranded Records, 4929 Telegraph Ave. in Oakland's Temescal neighborhood. If you're a Residents fan -- or someone who always wondered what those crazy, eyeball-wearing freaks were about and how to get into them -- this sounds unmissable.

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-- @iPORT

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