Jimi Hendrix Is Getting a Stamp: Fuck Yeah

We'll take it.
Important guitar god news: Jimi Hendrix, the Mozart of the electric guitar, will have his supernatural talent and vast influence recognized with an official USPS Forever postage stamp. It's being issued today at a special ceremony at South By Southwest, according to Seattle Weekly, and it's available starting now. Here's what the mailmen had to say about dear Jimi:

Born in Seattle on November 27, 1942, Johnny Allen Hendrix would later have his name changed to James Marshall Hendrix. An entirely self-taught guitarist, he became one of the most important musicians of the 20th century.

Hendrix combined influences from rock, modern jazz, soul, and the blues with his own innovations, to create a unique style that influenced musical artists of his era and continues to inspire musicians into the 21st century.

Go get your Hendix stamps here. Sadly, licking them won't give you a purple haze -- but it is a good way to transfer a physical message without dealing with crosstown traffic.

[Seattle Weekly]

-- @iPORT

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Lin Gale
Lin Gale

Got to get me some of these babies!

Rock Belt
Rock Belt

Don't even mail that with online bill pay.

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