Win Tickets to Noise Pop's 2014 Closing Party With Machinedrum

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Noise Pop starts next week, y'all, and there's a ton of stuff to check out -- regular shows, of course, but also the smorgasbord of happenings at Noise Pop Headquarters. We know you're probably thinking about the beginning of the festival right now, not the end, but we, with the help of Myspace, are giving one lucky All Shook Down reader two tickets to the Noise Pop closing party on March 2, featuring Machinedrum and DJ Dials. All you have to do is enter ...

... and entering requires only this: Go to our Facebook page, find this post, and leave a comment telling us your favorite Noise Pop act of all time, and why. You have until the end of the afternoon on Monday, Feb. 24.

If we pick your comment, you and a guest win free entry to the Machinedrum and DJ Dials performance at Noise Pop's closing night party on March 2 at the Noise Pop Headquarters.

So: Check us out on Facebook, think up your favorite Noise Pop memory, and we'll send you out for free. Go!

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All Shook Down
All Shook Down

Hi Cristobal Gonzalez — can you message us your email? You won!

Cristobal Gonzalez
Cristobal Gonzalez

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down sold out show at The Great American Music Hall. I procrastinated on buying tickets. When I finally decided to buy them they were sold out. I accepted I wasn't to go see them and continued to live my life.. but no, I could. I searched craigslist the day of the concert and hoped someone would respond. I got a phone call(yeah, I was that desperate.. I gave my phone number to a craigslist stranger) at 4pm. It was a women and she had to get rid of the tickets because her husband was sick and the babysitter bailed or something. We met outside the venue and she went to grab the tickets at will call. There I was standing there excited to see a band that I kept falling in love the more I kept listening. The women comes back with a blank face and tells me she couldn't get the tickets unless she gets a photocopy of the ID and a note of the person who purchased the tickets. She could've easily given up and say, "sorry kid" but nope we go searching for a fedex or something of that nature. Luckily there is a place on Van Ness a few blocks away. We walked together and get to talking we have the same taste in music and just moved from the place I grew up in(small world I tell you). We spent 30 minutes trying to print out an email attachment gosh those computers had glitches. Anyways, we finally got what she needed printed. Went back to the venue and she was able to get the tickets. We do our fair exchange, I had two tickets in my hand. When Thao and the get down stay down came on I danced so much and sang along. They put on an absolutely great show. One of the best concerts I've gone to. That night they became one of my favorite bands. My craigslist adventure was lovely but now when they play in San Francisco I never wait on buying tickets.

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