Violent Vickie's "Fuck You!!!!!" Joins Wave of Local Anti-Gentro Rock

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Violent Vickie plays Saturday at Hemlock Tavern.
Whatever your thoughts on the forces changing San Francisco, there's a growing wave of music that is loudly opposed to them -- to change, to wealth, to techies, to Google buses, to, well, a lot of things. It almost feels like a burgeoning sonic movement, despite the stylistic differences. There's the synth-punk outfit Pow!, whose infamous press release from Thee Oh Sees' John Dwyer helped start a conversation about what's happening to music in this city. There's the gutter-psych of CCR Headcleaner, who persist in S.F. despite of the difficulties of living here.

And there is Violent Vickie, a "queer feminist multimedia electro-punk" band from S.F. and Oakland. If older cuts like "City for the Rich" aren't clear enough, Violent Vickie just posted a new song with Parae called "Fuck You!!!!!" that indicts, well, pretty much everything. It's the latest salvo in S.F. musicians' battle to hang on in this city. And even if we don't agree completely with the sentiment, it definitely makes for bracing, bruising listening:

The lyrics, in case you have trouble making them out:

fuck you to yr landlord
fuck you to yr big boss
fuck you to yr fucking trick
fuck you to yr husband

fuck u fuck u fuck u fuck u

fuck u to yr CEO
fuck u to yr corporation
fuck you to yr fucking pimp
fuck you to yr john john

fuck u fuck u fuck u fuck u

fuck u to yr credit card
fuck u to yr pawn shop
fuck u to yr shark loan
fuck you to yr storage space

fuck u fuck u fuck u fuck u

fuck u to yr health care
fuck u to yr fucking job
fuck u to yr big boss
fuck u to yr sugar daddy

fuck u fuck u fuck u fuck u

fuck u to yr dic pics
fuck u to yr google bus
fuck you to yr techies
fuck u to yr housing

fuck u fuck u fuck u fuck u

and what i want is total freedom
and what i want is total freedom

Sounds to us like a song that'd sound great on a compilation next to, say, Pow's "Hi-Tech Boom." What it lacks in subtlety it makes up for in sheer brutality of message.

Violent Vickie performs this Saturday, Feb. 15, at Hemlock Tavern with Aa, Wand, and Alan Watts. It should be a perfect chaser to all that Valentine's Day sweetness -- and a good chance to let out any angst about what's happening in S.F. these days.

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The cool thing about this song is that the people who really hear it, listen to it a million times over and over and sing along. And hopefully Violent Vickie can feel the energy of all the kids wherever they are identifying "what I want is total freedom" Hearts.

Jen Larson
Jen Larson

I'm tired of this bs argument. I arrived in SF in 1991, $500 in my pocket, no job, no apt. I have been a SOLE responsible home owner (with NO outside help) since '93, and I worked my ASS off. Healthcare, not tech... But to me, THAT doesn't even matter. Sour grapes, hat and envy. Get over yourselves. I don't move to Manhattan EXPECTING a constant hand up. Please.

Chris Barker
Chris Barker

That's a great one. but its not on itunes yet....

Matthew Hodge
Matthew Hodge

Rock was "Gentro"'ed a long long time ago. Yep, and I agree this song sucks. I look at it like this. Rock is for everyone, but not everyone rocks. "Gentro"? Please? Another stupid term for some hacks to rally under?

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