This Saturday: Benefit for Haight-Ashbury Street Fair at Milk Bar

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Attention, attention, dear San Franciscans: This Saturday night offers a chance to support a near-seminal local event while taking in the work of local creatives. At Milk Bar, on Haight Street, four bands of the musical persuasion will perform at a benefit for the beloved Haight Ashbury Street Fair, the 37th edition of which will take place this June 8, 2014.

The Haight-Ashbury Street Fair is a San Francisco tradition, of course, and one that has presented many noteworthy bands over the years, including the Tubes and Jefferson Starship (if you consider them noteworthy). This year's fair will include three live music stages! The benefit on Saturday features the glassy, nostalgic pop of Sea Dreams and the propulsive nighttime rock of Dangermaker, plus Sweetwater Black and Margaret the King. Check 'em out here.

The Milk Bar show starts at 8 p.m. and costs $5 -- which isn't much to support a classic San Francisco event, right?

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aliasetc topcommenter

Just charge the stupid vendors more for their lousy un inspected food that they hustle at the sucko ripoff street fair.

Misty Gandee
Misty Gandee

I was there yesterday, i must have missed it, damn last yeat too

Ruth Gottstein
Ruth Gottstein

Oh, the street corner which I walked past throughout my young life. Wish I was there...

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